My Neighborhood: Paradise

That’s right. My neighborhood, twelve miles north of downtown, Denver, Colorado, is paradise. Let’s get into it.

I live in an apartment complex of eight buildings and 320 units. Additionally, there is a clubhouse, fitness center, pool, jacuzzi, and dog park. The complex was built in 2016 and I was one of the first residents. One reason is because the staff is great! – courteous and competent. However, I don’t know a single person here, not even a name. Is that a good thing? Maybe.

The Area.

Ballfields under construction

To the west is a single-family-home community built in 2018. The homes are priced at around one million dollars. East of my complex is a charter school, pre-kindergarten through second grade. To the South is another private school, Christian, K12, with 308 students and a student-teacher ratio of 11 to 1. Upon graduation, 80% go on to a 4-year college. This school is currently building ball fields across the avenue and southeast of my building.

Personally, I couldn’t be happier. I love watching live sports because they’re real. True.

North, out my ‘backdoor’, is about two square miles of Open Space. There, there are more ballfields, a playground, dog park, and covered picnic and grilling area. Moreover, a pond, with a waterfall that feeds a stream that flows into Big Dry Creek. [Not dry.] Of course, there are biking and hiking trails. Wildlife is plentiful. The coyotes are my favorite.

Coyote, pond watching

I hike there nearly every day. Because the views of the Continental Divide are spectacular. Furthermore, it’s good for my physical and mental health.

Farther out

The Continental Divide & The Flatirons.

from the complex are various commercial businesses. These include:

  • a private university
  • an autism center
  • an health and wellness rehab facility
  • sports bars
  • coffee shops
  • fitness center
  • liquor and convenience stores
  • drug store

Notwithstanding, many other offices and businesses. (Where I found my psych-girl!) Also, there’s a grocery store two miles north. Everything I need or want is within walking distance.

The People

who live in the complex are representative of America. Meaning– white, black, brown, and Asian. Both young and old. All generations. However, 80% are overweight. And, their dogs are ugly, not like the wild coyote. Judging by the parking lots – most work from home. Because they’re lazy?

I seldom go to the pool because I am adverse to the fatuous human form. I don’t go out to the bars, restaurants, or coffee shops. Nevertheless, I do hike to the liquor store and drive to the grocery store. (Where I see more fat, out-of-shape people.)

A makeshift camp constructed of tree branches and tarps. The guy has been camping here for months.
creekside shelter

There are homeless folk who camp around here. They can be seen in the open space. More often though, sleeping under trees and bridges. The homeless and jobless situation in America has extended itself to my paradise.

If you want to understand how this can happen, start here, and also here. Those link to two book reviews I wrote of books that give insight into homelessness. As well as this one.

Because, the causes are likely not what you think.

Furthermore, for the most part, there’s little crime in paradise.

At night, it’s quiet. The roar from the road-traffic subsides. As does the noise of landscape machinery.

Moreover, what I find strange is that the open space is mostly unused. (Which I like.) However, the rehab facility’s lot is almost always full. Most people here, as everywhere, are fat and unhealthy. Not because they have to be that way – there is ample means to exercise and eat right … and yet?


are all around. In the open space and all about the complex. Migratory cliff swallows build nests in the drier vents! Territorial magpies surround the area year round. I used to feed them, but not any more because of a banded homing pigeon. And, the invasive starling.

When The Magpie Cafe was open.

I like birds. More than people? Because they take care of themselves, mate for life, and don’t over-think things. Furthermore, birds like to talk and sing. I’d like to think, however, that the talk is important chatter. Not just small talk. Sometimes, dozens will gather together in a tree. I suppose to democratically discuss defense of their territory. There are no crows in this paradise.

Yesterday, a finch descended (?) down into a street storm drain. Someone, I suppose, called Animal Management. Because said person heard something, I reckon.

Who doesn’t like birds?

Anyway, the bird was rescued. Netted and then set free. It was quite a show. Rather entertaining. I saw it all from my balcony whilst drinking whiskey. When it was over, I felt like applauding. But I didn’t. Even the fire department came.

Presumably because birds in storm drains are like cats up trees?

The rescue

In Conclusion

my neighborhood is paradise because it meets my wants and needs. Everything is within walking distance and social interaction is up to me. Geography is important. We live, more and more in an on-line world. Which is probably not healthy. However, at my age and circumstance (retired, and physically capable) it suits me just fine.

I am a Drinking Writer Man. Mostly I read, write, think, and drink. And watch the world via my smart TV. I am entertained.

What is your neighborhood like? Is it your paradise? Do you live where you want, or where you have to?









3 thoughts on “My Neighborhood: Paradise

  1. I have considered that last question more than a few times. All circumstances being equal, I would not have chosen to move to Kansas. But that condition (equality) almost never exists in my experience. Always, there are variables which push and pull against circumstance and desire. In conclusion, I have found wonderful reasons to be where we are, mostly having to do with being near family members — always a good reason, I think, for the what and where and when of life.

    1. Yes, despite all the blather about free will and self determination, mostly we are, as you said, pushed and pulled in directions not of our choosing. We are left to make the best of it, or not. Given still more elements beyond our control.

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