Security or Adventure: Thunder Pass

Sunday’s writing prompt from WordPress was: Are you seeking security or adventure? Which is a good question worth thinking/writing about. However, it reminded me of a chapter in my last book Election 2016 wherein I titled a short chapter  “Thunder Pass”. Because, as I saw things then, that was one way of looking at the choice between Clinton and Trump.

It’s obvious, isn’t it? Furthermore, it’s the same choice facing us today. Let’s get into it. Or begin our journey.

Thunder Pass

is a trail in Rocky Mountain National Park that I hiked in the summer of 2013. Before all this current craziness consumed us.

Trail map, RMNP

Back to the question, which is really: Who are you? However, it’s even a deeper question than that.


is something I’ve been engaged in for the past six years. Which is also a journey, a strenuous one. Often one step forward, two steps back. Because, it is an ascent toward the unknown–your true self. Who knows what we’ll uncover? Sometimes we have to go backwards and retrace our steps to go forward.


Decisions can be anxiety producing. What drives that process?
Decision upcoming

most likely would say (I can never be sure what she’ll say) that my decision ought to depend on current conditions. In other words – on context and nuance. Furthermore, I have options! My decision is not based solely upon my personality. My personality leans into adventure, risk-taking, and extroversion. However, my choices regarding adventure (up toward the pass) or security (the box canyon) are also influenced by what I see and sense in that moment.

The Box Canyon

Is it really a choice?
Thunder Pass

is a place I am adverse to. I didn’t go left. It might be safe; but I continued up. And then I turned back and retraced my steps down to the trailhead and my car. Oh well, maybe another day. I’d thought.

However, that was not the case. I’ve never returned. Furthermore, now it’s too late. Meaning that hike is now beyond my abilities.

In Conclusion

My thinking, now, is that you can never be certain. What presents itself might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Take a chance, or not. If you choose security over adventure – who knows? A rock could fall from above crushing you in your tent. Or your car for that matter. Then again – you might meet your Soul Mate in the canyon cafe on your way home.



2 thoughts on “Security or Adventure: Thunder Pass

  1. I forgot to ask you how’re doing? Are you okay? Do you consider yourself an adventurer? Or one who seeks security?
    I’m reminded of an old poem:
    There are old motorcycle riders-
    There are bold motorcycle riders-
    But there are no old, bold motorcycle riders.
    As for myself – I did do some motorcycle riding in my youth, and determined it was not for me. Too dangerous.

  2. Your poem reminds me of one of my favorites:
    Hold fast to dreams
    For if dreams die
    Life is a broken-winged bird
    That cannot fly.

    Hold fast to dreams
    For when dreams go
    Life is a barren field
    Frozen with snow.

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