Spotify Wrapped: Spot On

Spotify Wrapped was spot on with regard to my personality. Who needs therapy? As followers of GREAT DEBATE know, I've posited that music - what you listen to - can be insight into who you are. Along with what you read and watch. Spotify, the streaming music platform/service just sent out their year-end review of … Continue reading Spotify Wrapped: Spot On

Games We Used To Play: book review

Games We Used To Play is actually a history book. It is about professional sports in America from 1947 to 1990. Written by Roger Kahn, it is a collection of pieces he wrote for Prominent news publications:  The New York Herald Tribune The American Scholar Sports Illustrated The Saturday Evening Post Esquire Sport Time The New … Continue reading Games We Used To Play: book review

Fall Frenzy: Update

It's Thanksgiving week; and also the week I turn seventy-four. Wasn't that a song? Oh wait, that song is When I'm 64 Sixty-Four. However it was released in 1967, so ... . Anyway, I'm not losing my hair. In fact I'm still pretty spry. Furthermore, John Lennon is dead. Gunned down in front of his apartment … Continue reading Fall Frenzy: Update

Human Nature: Reboot

This is a repost from May 0f 2001, or 30 months ago. Because I think it's relevant now considering how war has busted out all over. Many people are shocked and can't believe humans could be so violent and cruel. Or I should say, other humans, because they themselves insist they never could behave in such a manner. … Continue reading Human Nature: Reboot

The Imprint of War: 2003 redux

Introduction Twenty years ago I published my first book, of essays and poems. It was born out of frustration, dissatisfaction, and discontent. Because for years I had tried to make a difference. Make the world a better place. However, nothing I tried worked. Then I thought, okay, I'll write for real and publish. Sounding Off In … Continue reading The Imprint of War: 2003 redux

Fall Frenzy: 2023 version

Fall Frenzy 2023 has gone crazy compared to 2022. Let's get into it. I've taken to visual aids. Old school. No computer or AI generated images for yours truly. Below is a "map" of this year's version of Fall Frenzy. Dominating all else is the Israel / Hamas war. These people are out of their … Continue reading Fall Frenzy: 2023 version

Best Playlist Ever: 100 years

Best play list ever is, I decided, my 2020 Drinking Songs. Because, well, let's get into it and you tell me. The Early Years 1919 How you gonna keep'em down on the farm. Andrew Bird 1927 Alabama song (whisky bar). The Doors 1936 Rye Whiskey. Tex Ritter 1949 I'm so lonesome I could cry. Hank Williams … Continue reading Best Playlist Ever: 100 years

Balling For Taylor Swift

Balling for Taylor Swift caught my attention. Because before she showed up at an NFL football game, I didn't know much about her. Now I do. This is complex. There are permutations of complications. Oh sure, I'd heard the name, Taylor Swift, but never one song. Of the 1,700+ songs on my playlists - there's … Continue reading Balling For Taylor Swift