The Upgrade Problem

Recently I watched¬†Out Of Africa, a beautiful film (1985, Best Picture). The movie is based on the true life adventure of the Danish (Isak Dinesen) author's time in Africa during World War I. In the movie Meryl Streep muses, "Perhaps earth was made round so we wouldn't see too far down the road." I thought, … Continue reading The Upgrade Problem

The River Why Revisited

The River Why¬†(1983) is a novel by David James Duncan (1952) that I've reread now because the movie version (2010) casts Amber Heard in the female role. The movie is very good, the novel stellar. The novel is now historical fiction. It accurately and brilliantly depicts what it was like to be a certain type … Continue reading The River Why Revisited

Memorial Day Down By The River

This Memorial Day weekend found me experiencing time travel. In mid-March my long-time friend passed away. His daughter and son decided to have a service for him and his long-time partner on that national day of remembrance. Fitting. The "returning" celebration was held on the land they had lived on for decades. It is land … Continue reading Memorial Day Down By The River