The Magpie Cafe Closes

because I couldn’t enforce “the right to refuse service”. Let me explain. This summer (2022) a banded pigeon took shelter and refuge in the cafe I had created for the local Magpie population. Okay, I thought. After all, I’m an open-minded free spirit who believes in compassion, etc. and so on. Freedom is perhaps my most precious value. Welcome pigeon. Rest, recuperate, eat, and be on your way.

This banded pigeon showed one day, exhausted and dying, I thought. so i looked into it and the whole scene is not good. Why? is a good question.
welcome banded pigeon

However, the bird took up residence. Indeed, it rested, recuperated, and ate.

And shit, everywhere! Not only that; but he/she/it was sort of a bully. One time, one of my beloved magpie even tugged on its tail trying to get it leave the feeder. In other words – “please, my friend, let’s take turns.”

Trauma Victim?

Maybe. I read up on banded pigeons after consulting with my grand niece, Joslin. She is a domestic bird expert. A raiser and lover of chickens. Ja identified the bird right-away.

They, the pigeons, are an abused bird, by wicked, evil men mostly. As it turns out.

But What Of Me

and my friends? The magpies, finches (Farrah), the doves? My garden balcony? Not even to mention my people-neighbors who live below me? There was bird doodoo everywhere!

Struggling with what to do, I tried driving it away with a stick. I thought of shooting it with my bow and arrow. Nothing worked and nothing seemed doable. And so I closed the cafe. Or, stopped feeding the wild birds.

The Result

is – they don’t need us. People. Me, in particular. The wild birds will be just fine. (They are.) In addition, my balcony garden is thriving.

Balcony garden sans birds

The Message 

is, what? We humans cause the problems? We think about what we want, what makes us feel good. Beauty? Compassion? Helping other living things? The environment?

Hey, pass that bottle over here, please. We’re the ones who “paved over paradise”.

8 thoughts on “The Magpie Cafe Closes

  1. This morning (Wednesday) a magpie stopped by on the balcony, bounced around for a while; and drank from the fountain (which I kept). It’s been 2 months since I shut the cafe down. Makes me wonder: do they have recall?

  2. “Kick your shoes off, do not fear…” Linda Ronstadt’s version of I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight” would be in my top ten cover songs of all time.

  3. Yeah, a lot of bird and rodent species thrive in the cities because we’re so careless and wasteful. On my walks, I’ve seen deer, possum, coyotes, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, skunks, and all manner of birds. But then, I’m close to suburban boundaries. Go much further and it’s forest or farmland.

    Was it a George Carlin (RIP!) bit about how pigeons are the result of escaped parakeets and rats mating out of fear and despair?

  4. “pigeons are the result of escaped parakeets and rats mating out of fear and despair?” In a sense it makes sense – which is good humor. Yes?
    Who thought up pigeons as messengers? Kings? Monks? Drunkards? Outlaws? Or some lonely kid? Which led, I’m sure, to them being raced and bet on for money. Which led to that bird invading the Magpie Cafe, which led to me having to shut it down. Leading to my mental break down. (Not really.) Actually, I like the clean balcony better. And the magpies and finches are just fine.

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