The Magpie Cafe

The Magpie is a most illustrious bird
One Magpie perched

The Magpie Cafe is a dream.

Ever since I began working in the restaurant industry some fifty years ago – I’ve imagined having a cafe that integrated where I lived with that which I love. Mostly, of all things – I love people and conversation, good food and spirits, music, wood and wild country.

So here I am in the twilight of my life and the dream is still alive! Yet unfulfilled. I’ll spare you all (for now) the why of that, and simply speak to the possibility of the Magpie Cafe in the here and now.

I’m going to use the elements of a story to illustrate how and why my dream should be realized.


The Magpie Cafe is perfect! The most salient animal where I live is the black-billed Magpie. I don’t know why? Just a few miles west the common crow dominates. Their territories don’t overlap, and yet they are of the same family (Corvidae).

Birds are territorial. The magpie’s voice has been described as harsh and querulous; and yet is a highly social bird. Hmmm  …


is on the edge of civilization. The Front Range of Colorado is where civilization looks at and intersects, overlaps, with wilderness. In other words – the primitive, natural, untamed part of planet earth. Or, the third rock from the sun sans us – humans. We are upright-walking, smart, highly social primates. But for our locomotion we (humans) are not so dissimilar from the magpie. And so what better name and place for a cafe?

From the south facing deck you can see Mount Evans, or from the westward viewing veranda you can gaze upon the Flat Irons, Indian Peaks Wilderness, the Continental Divide, Longs Peak and the Mummy Range of Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Magpie Cafe's view from Park Centre drive, Westminster, Colorado.
The view from The Magpie Cafe

Adjacent to the property is Adam’s County Open Space (Big Dry Creek). There is abundant wildlife there: coyote, bull and rattlesnakes, prairie dogs, rabbits, turtles, frogs, hawks, eagles, and all manner of waterfowl. Ten foot wide paved bike and hiking paths, wherein you can walk off your meal or troubles. In addition, there’s a playground and ball fields … and a fenced dog park, too.

Coyotes, as well as Magpies, keep the snake and rodent populations in check.
Coyote skates across Turtle Lake

The Plot

is that of gathering place where people can come together to celebrate and enjoy, their commonalities, experiences and adventures (as well as differences), with flair, spirit, and enthusiasm. The wilderness has a special quality to bond people of all cultures, beliefs, and places. In the end we are more similar than not. Cheers!


matters. Who are these people that inhabit The Magpie Cafe?

They are the local artists, writers, poets, dreamers, drinkers, stoners, and conversationalists. As well as world travelers and seekers from other states, countries, and nations.

And of course, yours truly:

mark edward jabbour drinking coffee
The author and owner, Mark Edward Jabbour.


is of a bridge that connects the past with the present, reflecting the healthy, gritty, vigorous lifestyle that has defined Colorado for centuries. A special menu that has something for everyone, featuring Colorado wild game and fish, beef, chicken, and locally grown organic fruit, vegetables, and greens. And of course home made pie!

the original Strawberry Oreo Pie
Strawberry Oreo pie

Each booth will have digital picture frames (so you can look at and share your just taken photos) and a jukebox with Spotify playlists featuring great Colorado themed music. The bar and lounge area will be furnished with locally hand-crafted, solid wood tables, chairs, and stools.

Of course there will be a massive stone fireplace (that burns real wood!). Lodge like. Also, each outdoor enclosure will have fire pits. There will be a smoking section.

Evenings will feature live entertainment – open mike nights for comedians and poets, bands, and even author readings and book signings. Have I mentioned the cafe will double as a bookshop? Maybe a dance floor?

Of course there will be free WiFi; and a gift shop!


will be in the tradition of the great National Park lodges. Massive. Located right between Denver International Airport and Rocky Mountain National Park, it will be the perfect spot to hang out, plan and savior your adventure. There are ample hotels and motels within walking distance, and yet – it’s far enough off the busy roads so as allow for quiet repose.

The lodge and grounds in Zion National Park
Zion National Park Lodge
Custer State Park is a hidden gem
Custer State Park Lodge

Maybe we’ll have valet parking and shuttle service?

Can you picture it?

I can. Or, what I need is Shock Therapy!

Just kidding, but I will need some help.

I’ll need investors, an architect, surveyor, engineer, general contractor, chef, general manager, and bar manager.

Etc., etc.


Good luck with your dreams!




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