Bird personality?

Farrah the female finch has become my favorite bird
my favorite finch Farrah

Her name is Farrah. Because she’s sexy, fearless and friendly. She’s become my favorite finch. Maybe favorite bird ever!

The Magpie Cafe

is actually my balcony. It’s 30 feet above the ground, covered, faces south, and has majestic views of the city and the Rocky Mountains. The actual phantasy of a real cafe was never realized. Because I’m too old and yes, creeping toward oblivion.

Nevertheless, with imagination I created one for the birds that live ’round here. Specifically the magpies, because I became fascinated with them. So I set up a feeding station on my balcony. And that grew into a garden of sorts, complete with a fountain. It’s, in a sense, an indoor/outdoor atrium to my heart.

The magpies came and my sitting out there, watching them, didn’t bother them. Not so with the other birds that visited. All of them would not land if I was present. I had to observe them from inside my apartment. Especially the finches. They were really nervous. If I was sitting outside they would fly up, flutter about frightfully, and zip – be gone.


is different. She doesn’t mind me. In fact, she seems friendly. Maybe even, she likes me? Appreciates me and what I’ve created for her. She’s the only one.

In the mornings she’ll come, perch, and then drop down to the fountain and drink. She explores all the nooks and crannies. Farrah seems to frolic – hopping about from the various branches, bowls and stones, driftwood and sea shells scattered about. She appears to be preforming for me. Showing off?

So I’ve named her Farrah, after Farrah Faucett. There’s no mistaking her for any of the other dozens of finches that fly by. Farrah’s figure is striking. It’s fuller. And her feathers are fluffier. The ‘hair’ on her head is wild, untamed. She’s gorgeous.

I’ve fallen for her. She’s my latest crush. A reason to get up and out of bed in the morning.


is a funny thing. I know that like attracts like. Birds of feather and all of that. But can it jump species?

Just asking.

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