Writing is thinking

writing with quill and ink
The author writing by kerosene light with quill and ink . Conifer, Colorado. (1979)

The history of this goes way back, which I’m not going to go into here, now. Here, I’m just going to start with me. I’ve always wrote down my thoughts, since I learned how; that was a part of my formal schooling and I took to it–writing and thinking. Which maybe began with my father reading to me. My first memory of my life is that–sitting on my father’s lap and he reading, in his gravely voice, of Gods, Heroes, and Men, or Greek mythology.

Fast forward Sixty-seven, or forty-four, or twenty years – in whichever case – I wrote about my thinking to people that mattered to me. These people were teachers, presidents, governors, senators, professors, my mother and father, editors of local newspapers, girlfriends, lovers, wives, and even children. Whomever to and whatever the subject – I wrote. And, my last paid job I “taught” others how to write. [Maybe a bad joke, or a good one – depending …]

The gist of this is – everyone has thoughts bouncing around in their mind, consciously and unconsciously, and some (many) think these thoughts have value to the larger community/tribe/society/world. AND, when these thoughts aren’t accepted, proclaimed, and acknowledged as brilliant … well, that engenders resentment.

So, I say, write them down. Organize them. Read them aloud to yourself [tip: read them to yourself drunk, stoned, and sober]; and then think about that! But then, what does that matter? What is it you want?

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