Coronavirus Effect: Christmas Edition

Friday I had my Year End Review with my psych girl. It went well, I thought. I celebrated the way I do, by myself in the Magpie Cafe – eating, drinking and listening to my favorite playlists. Then I went to bed. “Merry Christmas” and a happy New Year.

Will Christmas 2020 be blue?
COVID Xmas. Blue?

But in the early morning hours I got a dm from my brother – he was in the hospital battling the dreaded COVID. It was serious. He’s a couple years older than me, has asthma, and so is in the high risk category.

Up until then

I hadn’t given the coronavirus pandemic much notice. Because I’m a drinking writer man – a reclusive. I’m damn near anti-social. The disease and it’s effect didn’t really affect me. Moreover, my life didn’t change. Sure, it probably cost Trump the election, but again – who’s president doesn’t effect me. I really don’t care.

Notwithstanding I’d written a book about Election 2016, and how it almost cost me my life.

Back to Jack

my brother. He lives in western Colorado, MAGA country. In addition, he’s a practicing, full-out, Christian. He is a true believer. He believes God’s got this. In other words, God’s got a plan.

In MAGA country many discount the disease, the virus. God’s got it.

Maybe they’re right? Who am I to say otherwise? I’m just a  … ? [Psych girl and I am still working this out.]

So Jack had Thanksgiving with family, sans masks,etc., and then … because of this, that, and the other thing got tested and lo! tested positive. A week later he struggled to breathe.

Now he’s in the hospital getting steroid treatment. Which seems to be working.

Thank God

or science, or our president, Donald J. Trump, the 1st-order-narcissist. Because he fast-tracked treatment remedies with federal dollars and so on.


I’m cautious. I don’t want to “catch” it – the dreaded COVID.

I live alone. I’ll likely as not die alone. But I don’t want to suffer or burden my loved ones. If I catch “it” – that’s it. Lights out, ballgame over.

My bff and I laugh and joke about this on Happy Hour Friday (HHF), every week, in the Magpie Cafe. But now it’s more real than ever. The virus is real and could kill my brother, and me.


be careful, friends. Not afraid but aware. It’s real and can kill you.

Merry Christmas. Here’s hoping for a happier New Year. For everyone.


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