Best Gift Ever

The best gift ever would be the much promised but never realized, peace on earth. Towards that goal I offer, as a gift for family or friends, or to yourself, Election 2016: The Great Divide, The Great Debate

If you’re on the Red Team, give it to those you love who are Blue. Be you Blue, wrap it up for yourself and put it under the tree. If you order it now, you should get it by Christmas.

One Theme Is

that of perspective. On page 101 is this illustration:

One sees with eyes guided by feelings
Cognitive Empathy, or perspective

In the book I make the point that one sees with their feelings. But once one sees the other side … things become more true. Robert Wright calls this “cognitive empathy”, because it is the process by which one can understand things from an other’s perspective. Furthermore, understanding leads to compassion.

Peace On Earth

can only be possible through compassion for others. Not only their feelings, but also how they see things.

Best Gift Ever

would be this book. Writing it was, and is, my contribution to ‘world peace’. I hope you read it with the spirit in which it was written – that of an open mind and heart.

Peace out, and Merry Christmas.

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