The Magpie Cafe: Summer Update

After a chat, my friend stops by for a snack.
Room with a view

I still haven’t given names to my new friends – the magpie birds who I share this habitat with. There are at least a dozen nests, nestled in all manner of trees, that surround the apartment complex where I nest. The birds are more reliable and stable than my human neighbors. Friendlier, too. Despite having been deemed “querulous” (by the Peterson Field Guide).

Monday, the ninth day of Summer, I took my morning walk and noticed that the birds were having one of their semi-frequent meet-ups. They had congregated just north of the round-a-bout at the junction of 122 Avenue and Park Centre Drive. There were maybe two dozen birds hopping about and chatting.

The birds gather together on occasion. The reason? I can only speculate as to why.
Magpie Mourning Meet-up

My Friends

they have become. I feel as though I should give them names. However, that’s maybe more than a little crazy. Normally, they don’t travel far from their nest and don’t flock together. They are territorial and protective of their home.

There is a breeding pair, closest to my apartment, which had babies this spring. They snack at the feeder I set up on my balcony. It took a while to lure them in. The pair first discovered “the cafe” in February. Also a Monday, right after the virus attacked the human population.


did the birds and I become friends, if we are? I don’t know other than I am curious. Since forever. The birds? Very interesting creatures, as well as being beautiful, talkative, honest, and mysterious. And Friendly!

Approaching my apartment at the conclusion of my walk was one of “my” birds on the lawn. I stopped and engaged him or her.

I would speak, then “it” would. We carried on the “conversation” for maybe five minutes. Sure, it was a dialogue with myself … except the bird and I took turns. We did not talk over one another.

Upon taking my leave I suggested to the bird “it” meet me on the balcony for a snack.

Maybe three minutes later, upon entering my apartment, the bird was there. Not eating but  perched, just looking around. Waiting for me?


happened to prompt all of the above?

That day, Monday, was grocery day. I was out of food and had to make a run (drive) to the store to purchase food!

There, on the pavement, the street, Zuni, was a magpie. Dead. No doubt hit by a car or truck. Both the human and bird intent upon a destination. (The magpie flies close to the ground.)




Monday, 29 June, 2010
My new friend


regarding how I can name my new friends? Tell them apart?


Am I? That I have bird friends?

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