I Love The Pandemic Panic

The look of knowledge, or, I know and I gotcha.
Who knows what is what?

Where to begin? It could be a James Michener novel.

I Love the Pandemic Panic.

In other words – the craziness of 2020 has exposed humans for who they are. Humans (including myself) are self-serving, egotistical, and smug, whilst denying that … . Well … ?

The biosphere is now so clear. In other words, in focus.

The air, the animals (including us), the plants, the weather, are all so much more natural! Invigorating.

But wait! Nature is amoral, and we are Moral Animals.  Right, Mr. Wright?

Who Is The Joke On?

Calling out Joe Rogan.

Well, that depends. Doesn’t it? On who has power and control. On that which matters. which depends on …

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