Krystal Ball is wrong

Krystal Ball is wrong and Donald Trump is right. Stay with me, I’ll make this brief. I watch Krystal daily. For three reasons:

  1. She and I share a birthday, and thus some general personality traits.
  2. Krystal is an attractive, young, expressive, and smart woman.
  3. Ball is fun and entertaining (because she is naive?)

Ms Ball claims to be a working class hero. In other words, she is providing a voice for those folks who sweat, and risk their lives, so as to make a living and pursue the American Dream.

The American Dream

is articulated, and codified in the Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776). It states that ___ (under dispute) all ___ (under dispute) have the right to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”. (Happiness?)

What does Happiness mean?

with regard to you and our joint crisis (The world-wide coronavirus pandemic)

Krystal is naive

because, … I have no idea? (I don’t know much about her.) That said, I do know this – She is every bit as much a hypocrite … No she is not. She is naive.

The economics of the world have changed

from one of physical labor, effective agency, and the control of that (physical power), to one of the manipulation of desire, or soft power. In other words – words.

Krystal derides

Wall Street and the investment economy. She is either ill-informed, ill-educated, or ___? No she is not that.

But, Krystal Ball is wrong.

Hazard pay

work as risk
Living involves risk

Where’s mine?

Just saying Krystal Ball is wrong, naive, and ill-educated. That said – she is fun, smart, entertaining, etc. and so on. And I wish her the best and much success.





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