Calling out Krystal Ball

The kettle calling the tea pot black
Illusions & delusions

I’m calling out Krystal Ball, and her sidekick, Saagar Enjeti, on Rising.


is what it’s called in psych lingo.

Saagar, is in the habit of using the phrase, “Astro-turf” (= shallow thinking/analysis) when referencing others in the “main stream media” (MSM). Krystal, seems to be oblivious to her own advantages, i.e. “privilege”,  when it comes to success and validation. She regularly accuses others of what she herself takes advantage of. In other words, of unconscious (biological and social) mechanisms that influence preferences and outcomes.

Come on

Krystal! I’ve been tuned in since the inception of Rising, as well as your career at MSNBC. I’ve noticed that not once have you repeated an outfit.

That’s a huge closet, yes?

You and Saagar are that which you accuse and condemn your rivals of. No? …

Just a more “hip” version. Indeed. 

(Smiling and laughing as I take a sip from my shot glass … or coffee cup).

Delusional Krystal Ball on many levels
Krystal Ball drinks from capitalism


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