The Delay Of Gratification Paradox

Animals adapt or extinct
Animals adapt

The delay of gratification paradox is, ultimately, about survival. Or, the self versus the other. Or, pleasure versus pain.


is a Netflix original series I binged watched this weekend. Because I was alone, and (more likely) bored? Calling Dr. Hannon?

In the pilot, S1E1, Marty Byrde, states: “… because you’ve resolved to work and invest in your family’s future [your actions, behaviors, and consequences depend on]  … “patience, frugality, & sacrifice”.

Which, to me, sounded like the edict of delay gratification.  Which is now so prominent because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

More important, that edict is dictated by those in positions of power. In other words – you, as an individual, sacrifice for the future, the greater good. Etc. and so on. Sounds like bullshit to me.

“Delay of gratification” has been imposed by those in power to take over and control (most) human behavior.

I am doubtful and am

Allergic to lying! 

The magpie does not lie. There is no paradox. The bird does what it does.


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