The Foke Woke, part II

Version 2

This note’s for for you Elizabeth Warren, and all the rest of you Foke Woke.

Neil Young’s 

song This note’s for you, on his 1988 album “Neil Young and the Blue Notes“, mocks pretension. Which, I have to say, defines the Foke Woke population. The song takes dead aim at the advertising industry and corporations. Moreover, musicians “selling out” and letting corporations use them and their music to promote products and brands.

Recall Mr. Young’s objection when Donald Trump used his song, Rockin’ in the free world (1989), when Trump kicked off his  2016 campaign for POTUS in Trump Tower (June 2015).

My surprise

was Neil’s opposition to Trump and his message. Because they are actually kindred spirits. It’s true! As are Bernie Sanders, Krystal Ball, Ani Difranco, yours truly and a few (very few) others. The Real Woke.


Trump’s genius nickname for Senator Elizabeth Warren (who ‘suspended’ her campaign for POTUS a few hours ago) epitomizes the Foke Woke.

Saggar Enjeti, Krystal’s sidekick, nailed her (Warren) saying, “You cannot trust what she says … [she has] an ethos of dishonesty.” Because, Saggar said, she leaned too far into “intersectionality”. Which is the ethos of the Foke Woke.

Another scalp

on the wall was Chris Matthew’s. Matthew was a long time political commentator/host/anchor on MSNBC. He is an older (74) white guy who tried to be hip and cool, but couldn’t quite pull it off. [I’m not going to go all Freudian on him here.]

And but so, for me, it’s hilarious! Chris tried so hard – to be authentic, cool, hip. To quote Ms Ball, “indeed. etc. etc.”.

Ms Ball

though, too, is trying hard. And, is being rewarded. Which is the American Dream. Yes?

Study, show up, work hard, apply yourself and you can succeed. Of course all of those words have implications and connotations dependent on still other factors. Of which, I argue, are universal.

Such as sight and sound and smell. And then touch and taste. In other words – INTIMACY. Of which is feared and exploited for profit. [see “Malpractice, Victimology, and the Greatest Problem” in Election 2016.

Notice Ms Ball, though married, wears no wedding ring. That’s a signal.

She uses her natural advantages’ (young, female, attractive, intelligent, expressive, extroverted), in combination with her cultural advantages’ (smart, educated, well dressed and groomed; and white), to her advantage so as to succeed.

As we all do.



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