The soul of America, part II

Well, well, well. Here we are on the eve of the trial to convict Donald J. Trump, the President of the United States, of acts of such extraordinary grievance, that he should be removed from office (by force if necessary), because: The fate of the USA (not to mention the world/planet) hinges upon that!

My, my, my … (Where is my fainting couch? In the least – my therapist – when I need her?)

Okay, okay, okay. Can we just look at an alternative explanation?


Fun on a Sunday, or, art equals an alternative?
An arts and crafts day = four Americas

So okay, sure, I accept my designation as an artist. With that in mind I took today (Friday/Saturday/Sunday) as an opportunity to get into just “what the hell is going on?” And came up with this:

The soul of America

is complicated. Not, bifurcated.

I decided not to differentiate by age, race, gender, religion, creed, ideology or nation – but by personality. Oh my … look:

Who are you?
Four Americas by personality

And so – how many Americas are there?

To listen to others, be they family, this “community” or that – you don’t have a choice – you are either with us or against.

Then again, you just might be different? More “Red” than Yellow, Pink, or Green?

Who decides?

The soul of America

Really? Turns out there is a recent book by this name. By a well renowned historian, Jon Meacham. Please (with eye role). I’d call him a liberal hack, but, I’ve never met him. Though I used to pay attention to what he had to say, back in the day, (2007-15) when I watched religiously MSNBC.

It’s Sunday!

Are you reading the New York Times? Going to church? Gearing up for the NFL championship games?

Who are you?

How will you vote? Which quadrant do you identify with? Can you see yourself in one quadrant and recognize that maybe someone different might be better to lead?




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