The Magpie Cafe, part III

As it turns out, upon further research, The Magpie Cafe is actually a cafe for a breeding pair of the bird species, and not a gathering place for humans. Today, Monday March 9, 2020, as spring seems to have sprung on Colorado’s front range, I did some research.

The writer's research adventure
Magpie and human nests in spring

That’s me (using my iPhone) with a selfie to prove I’m not telling tales. The nest (of the breeding pair of Magpie that apparently I’ve repurposed my apartment for) is northeast, at 2 o’clock, of the nest-like top of my head.

The Magpie Cafe (my apartment’s balcony) is southeast of the nest, at 4 o’clock.  I watched the bird fly from the tree to the cafe and feed. So now I know who I’m feeding and where they live. And that make’s me happy!

Magpie versus human

is perhaps a strange comparison. But, let me explain. I’ve been paying close attention to people for over fifty years, beginning with my first psychology class in high school, in 1967. And for the last twenty have been recording what I’ve observed.

I almost, now, prefer the birds, with a few exceptions. Sometimes.

Have you been paying attention to the news? The reporting regarding the coronavirus, the 2020 POTUS election, the ensuing panic? And the suppressed glee? of those reporting? (see Election 2016)


is the likely outcome. To be explicit, forthright, unfiltered (like the Magpie): YOU, pretentious people, are going down. The virus will do what viruses do–reproduce–and attack the weak. Without regard to what YOU want. Nature will do what nature does, despite YOUR arrogance and hubris.

And Trump will be reelected in 2020.


I’d like to make friends with the breeding pair of magpie. I’ve seen videos of pet Magpie. Also of talking Magpie birds.

I don’t know if those are true, real, or not? Should I smoke weed? commune with the natural world? Joe Rogan?

To whom it may concern

I’m doing well, thank you. Making new friends and connecting with old ones.

The Magpie Cafe

playlist is available on Spotify. Check it out. The birds love it!




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