the Blue River Cafe

is my new Spotify playlist for 2023.

Jake Jabbour trout fishing on the Blue River, north central Colorado. Sweet memories of good times.
The Blue River (c 1995)

Monday, I decided to chase away the blues by making a new playlist for 2023. First off, I opened up the cafe and poured myself a whiskey to shift my attitude. Second, I gave the new playlist a name. So why not name it BLUE  RIVER CAFE 2023? [(I’ve taken to naming my playlists after the idea of a having a cafe.) I make a Spotify playlist for each new year.]

I was feeling down, or blue, and nothing chases away that feeling like drinking and listening to music I love. Add in a burger and some fries at a cafe, riverside, and viola, no more blues.

I remembered the Blue River of Colorado and memories came flowing in.

Spotify and AI

make this so easy and fun. Third, pick one song that fits the title of your playlist and current mood. I chose Joni Mitchell’s River from her Blue album (1970). But, bummer, Mitchell in a ___ protest with Neil Young quit Spotify. No worries. With the platform all you have to do is type in the song, artist, or lyric and the AI algorithm gives you all matches and alternatives.

The algorithm has gotten so good, so quick – it’s amazing! It will keep feeding you songs that fit/match, are similar to, the songs you add to the playlist. This is based on: keywords (like blue, river), genres (folk, bluegrass), instruments (guitar, piano), artists, and so on. In the blink of an eye!

In this regard, I think, AI outperforms human capability.

The Playlist So Far

is as follows:

  1. River. Sarah MsLachlan
  2. A hard rain’s gonna fall. Rainbow girls
  3. Slippery people. Talking Heads
  4. Blue Bayou. Linda Ronstandt
  5. Something about what happens when we talk. Lucinda Williams
  6. I can’t make you love me. Bonnie Raitt
  7. Something to talk about. Bonnie Raitt
  8. The dangling conversation. Simon and Garfunkel
  9. All the diamonds. Bruce Cockburn
  10. Famous blue raincoat. Leonard Cohen
  11. Prelude to cello suite #7 in G major. Michael Hedges
  12. Whatchaya gonna do now. honeyhoney
  13. Something to burn. Quaker City Night Hawks
  14. Big man. honeyhoney
  15. Daylight. Watchhouse
  16. Blue side of the mountain. The Steeldrivers
  17. Burn one with John Prine. Roger Harvey
  18. Other side of paradise. The Rivivalists
  19. All the animals. Jewel
  20. Fishin’ with you. Carsle Biantar
  21. Chase the feeling. The Devil Makes Three


is allowed. In other words, if/when my mind/memory was “triggered”, I could insert a song, in real time to the playlist! AND then the AI algorithm would adjust. All this in the comfort of my apartment, barely lifting a finger.

In Conclusion

if you’re feeling blue, or low down, or whatever – Spotify and AI can help.

Do you have any suggestions for my BLUE RIVER CAFE playlist? I’d love hear them. Keywords: River, Blue, Fishing, Paradise, and so on and so forth. Let me know in the comments. I will give your songs a listen.

The Cafe is open seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. However, there are glitches and gremlins and other weird things that can disrupt transactions.


9 thoughts on “the Blue River Cafe

  1. Modern technology definitely has its selling points. (I’m pretty much off paper books and haven’t bought a movie in years.) I’ve been enjoying Amazon music, which has the same sort of thing. They have “stations” that play music by, or similar to, a band, and they have “stations” based on genres or ideas (e.g. “Bedtime”). I like the access. I’ve been listening to a lot of new artists and new work. (New to me, that is.)

    1. Can you make your own playlist with Amazon? btw I added Dessa’s song, it’s called “Last Call” to the Blue River Cafe. The band is Doomtree. Hit me back with a song or two for my BRC mix. Alright?

      1. Yeah, they all let you make playlists. Amazon has a ton of ready-made playlists, too (in addition to those “stations” I mentioned). For example, I made a couple playlists of jazz albums for sleeping music, and I made one with all the main Moody Blues albums. I don’t know that there’s any AI associated with Amazon music other than in the usual “for you” stuff. There’s an automatic station called “My Soundtrack” that plays music per what The Algorithm has learned about your music tastes. And they do a weekly “My Discovery Mix” playlist that’s supposed to introduce you to stuff outside your usual fare. (I’m on the three-month free trial now, but I like it enough I may spring for the $9.99/mo, at least for a while.)

        Songs… Well, anything by Creedence Clearwater Revival or The Little River Band ought to fit. 😁 More seriously, Bill’s River Blues (Little Feat, one of my favorite bands) is a sweet tune, Pontoon (Little Big Town, my other favorite band) is a lot of fun, and Soak Up the Sun (Cheryl Crow) is a good outdoors tune. Not really on theme, but I’ll toss in a couple rockin’ favorites: Let it Roll (Little Feat) and In a Daydream (Freddy Jones Band).

  2. Great list so far. I have a few for you: “Paradise” by Stick Figure, “Paradise to Me” by Niko Moon, “River” by Bishop Briggs, “River Lea” by Adele and “Blue Ain’t Your Color” by Keith Urban. Love to you Uncle!

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