Fall Frenzy 2022: Baseball

So now it begins in earnest: Fall Frenzy 2022, after all that nonsense during the COVID years. I’m excited – the New York Yankees are in their usual spot, positioned to make a run at a world championship. So is my brother’s team, the LA Dodgers. However, the Dodgers weren’t always from Los Angeles, California. The Dodgers used to be located in Brooklyn, New York; and their nickname was “Bums”.

Bums (today) could be a non-politically correct word for the homeless, err, I mean the un-housed. (Of which there are many in the City of Angles.) Notwithstanding, the teams now in the Fall Frenzy Tournament all have names that are natural adversaries.

Thoughts like these are my alarm clock. (Why I’m in therapy?)

The MLB Playoffs

shape up like this:

Cleveland v. New York

Seattle v. Houston

Philadelphia v. Atlanta

SanDiego v. Los Angeles

Or said another way using their names, like this:

Guardians v. Yankees

Mariners v. Astros

Phillies v. Braves

Padres v. Bums [err, Dodgers. Which legend has it was because fans had to dodge (?) to get to the stadium.]

My Twisted Thinking

goes like this.

The Guardians represent the DOJ (Department of Justice). Guardians of what? Law and order? Nevertheless, now, in the city of New York, the DOJ is going after Donald Trump. Trump represents the classic Yankee – one who is revolting against the powers that be.

[A Yankee was originally a word derived from Janke, a British slur for the people choosing to leave England in pursuit of a better, more free life. The New York baseball team was originally called the New York Highlanders. But Highlanders was too long a word for the print media so someone (1908), un-officially, changed the name. The name became official in 1945.]

The Mariners represent sailors, or merchant marines. Often known for their affection for rum. They were often called, pejoratively, Rummies. Ergo, we have the lowlife Rummies versus the high brow Astros. Short for astronauts. Arguably the best of us.

The Phillies (short for people who dwell in Philadelphia. In other words – civilized, sophisticated people. Are pitted against the Braves – also known as Savages. (Before the postmodern era.)

The Padres represent the men of the Cloth. Those holy ones attempting to convert the lost souls of the City of Angles – the Bums. It is a battle.

My Prediction

is that the Yankees will prevail and win the World Series.

The Yankees win!

Okay, that’s my heart’s wish. My brain says the Astros win. Because they represent America today – cheaters who will do anything to win.

Post Script.

I’ve wrote here a lot about baseball, politics, culture and such. I’m glad for the distraction. We’ll see how it shakes out. Aaron Judge and his historic season? … means little if the Yanks don’t win the series. The other great home run hitters’ teams’ all did. 

Batter up!

7 thoughts on “Fall Frenzy 2022: Baseball

  1. In the ‘Foke Woke’ world we now inhabit – it goes down like this: The Guardians defeat the Yankees;
    the Astros defeat the Mariners; the Phillies defeat the Braves; and the Padres defeat the Bums.
    And then there are epic battles. Guardians v. Astros; Phillies v. Padres.
    Now we have good v. good. Oh my! Who wins?
    Oh, it doesn’t matter who wins because it’s all non-zero. It’s win/ win. The money flows regardless. And the money trickles down.
    Next. (Oh, never mind the detritus.)
    Carry on. Cheers.

  2. My support priorities run: Twins, AL-Central, AL, USA, Earth, Solar System,…
    I consider the Rangers a “sister” team. Both AL. Both former Senators teams. Both rare cases of being named after their state rather than their city. Ranger fans hate those cheatin’ Asstros, and I’m with them! 😆

  3. Just an aside: Brooklyn was full of trolly cars when the baseball team (called Superbas) began and fans had to “Dodge Trollys” to go to the games. So they were known as Trolly Dodgers, later shortened to Dodgers. The Bum was a cartoon famously drawn by Willard Mullin during the Dodgers’ woeful stretch in the 30’s, when they were known as the Robins after their manager Wilbert Robinson. Wyrd, my brother and I attended both Senator teams’ games — the originals, who moved to Minnesota, then the expansion team (managed by Ted Williams), which became the Rangers, eventually replaced in Washington by the Nationals. I guess they got tired of the slogan: Washington, first in war, first in peace, and last in the American League.

  4. Thanks for the update, bro. Mr. Smythe (goes to Washington?) – Well, well. The Yankees are my only long-standing affiliation. Probably due to my Global Nomad Syndrome (afflicts many, not all, military brats). However, I do have an attachment to the Rocky Mountains. Some of my schools’ nicknames are: Vikings, Lambkins (worst ever!) Rams, Roadrunners, and Pioneers. None of which I really give a hoot about. I will root for the Broncos, Nuggets, Avalanche, & Rockies somewhat. Maybe give 2 hoots?

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