Fall Frenzy: 2023 version

Fall Frenzy 2023 has gone crazy compared to 2022. Let’s get into it.

I’ve taken to visual aids. Old school. No computer or AI generated images for yours truly. Below is a “map” of this year’s version of Fall Frenzy. Dominating all else is the Israel / Hamas war. These people are out of their minds! Talk about no way out and against all odds.

Thus, it is the large black circle that encompasses all the smaller circles which represent other issues that I deem important this fall. As before, the size of the circle designates its value. As usual, I’m in the center. Because my world revolves around me. Notwithstanding … .

Fall Frenzy 2023 – the map

The Issues

  1. The Israel Hamas war. This is the worst. All out world war is the most likely consequence. Everybody loses. In the short term. In the long term – there will be winners, the survivors. In the short term. This is so depressing.
  2. The Trump trials. Another thing that has me asking, How could people be so hateful?
  3. The republication of my book Election 2016: The Great Divide, the Great Debate. This is not going well. In fact, may not happen. This is a SNAFU. Again, seems I let my optimism get the best of me. I trusted peopleTurns out – they were in it for their own gain. Not ours.
  4. Bidenomics. Bad Joke Joe has lived up to his reputation as a person who can severely, in Barack Obama’s words, “fuck things up.” For almost everyone, every problem facing the US has gotten worse. And then, he lies about it. In my words, “piss on my leg and tells me it’s raining.”
  5. Falling leaves. Pretty, sure. However, a sure sign winter is coming. And, “When winter comes the lone wolf dies (me) while the pack survives.”


  1. NFL. At least this is entertaining. The balling for Taylor Swift.
  2. College football. Again, are you not entertained by the Deion Sanders spectacle?
    Coach Prime always wins
    Because it looks like things have gone South for Prime. However, that’s never the case for the coach. Because he is a TRUE BELIEVER that God’s got this. The Saturday Night Live skit so nailed it! 
  3. MLB playoffs. The baseball playoffs are in trouble. Because there is a decline in watchers (down 15%) because the best teams, the expected winners, all lost. This means less revenue for everyone. However, this can’t be blamed on Biden. Maybe they’ll figure it out, but I doubt it. I’m “losing my religion” (optimism/confidence).
  4. Halloween. Halloween was never something that I got excited about. Until 2005. I went to a party and met a girl. (See Overcast.) Ever since that fateful night – things have changed. Now, October 31 has a special meaning for me. 🙂

The Back Burner (i.e. simmering)

  1. Russia Ukraine war. This WAR is probably getting jealous. Subsequently, uh-oh, look out! Jealousy is The Dangerous Passion.
  2. Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Because I was born on Thanksgiving (1949). Perhaps? Nevertheless, is it not the greatest? Sharing food, drink, and thanks with those you appreciate and love?

In Conclusion

This Fall Frenzy is like no other. Because the stakes are so high. What do you think? Do you think we’ll make it out alive? Let me know in the comments.


In the map, the blank circles represent the unknown  things that can impact the Fall Frenzy 2023 version.

Avoidant coping styles

Thanksgiving is a great time to practice your avoidant coping skills.

What is your favorite holiday?

3 thoughts on “Fall Frenzy: 2023 version

  1. Four thoughts/comments. I just got back from my once-every-ten-days grocery run. Yes, inflation is outrageous; and the people are not okay. Most people. However, 1): I give Bad Joke Biden credit for this – NO WAY could I even fake it at his age (81). I’m 74, never been really sick and remain UNVACINATED.
    But seriously, how is he even pretending? Drugs? His wife? I have no idea what that would be like.
    2): We, most of us, are overwhelmed regarding FALL FRENZY. Can it get any worse? I’m sure it can.
    3); We humans (collectively) have learned NOTHING.
    4): And yet, I’m okay. (Maybe, no I’m sure, it’s my therapy with Psych-girl.)

  2. Yesterday, October 20th, as the MLB playoffs were heating up (now both series are 2 to 2) there was an incident at my apartment complex. My formally known ‘Paradise’ calling into question my assessment. It was an eviction gone bad. How does an eviction even happen in Paradise?
    Before law enforcement is called to serve notice and evict a resident – 60 days must pass. That’s plenty of time to make arrangements and vacate. So what’s going on?
    I think this scary incident falls at the feet of Bidenomics. Maybe not, but … ? A female, now in police custody stabbed (not fatally) the deputy when he attempted to enforce the eviction. Then the occupant “barricaded” herself in her apartment. SWAT was called and the stand-off lasted 7 hours before she surrendered.
    No way should something like this happen here. It’s crazy! More Fall Frenzy. Maybe worthy of its own blog?
    Additionally, another homeless camp has popped up in the open space. My back yard! This one well concealed in a grove of trees. Meanwhile, construction of the ballpark continues. It’s going to be beautiful! And very expensive.

  3. I came across an explanation for “Why would Hamas attack? Knowing the response that it would invoke.”
    It’s this: I’m dying, slowing being soul murdered – why not fight and go out in a blaze of glory?
    IDK if that has a psychological or philosophical term; but I can draw many analogies.
    And then the “Oh shit. Now what?” Having fully expected to die.
    And then the, “What do we do now? We can’t let this go?” (After all, no one really believes that turn the other cheek thing. Unless you’re a Buddhist monk, maybe?)
    And then if you argue, “I can understand both sides”. Good luck with that.
    I’ve got some ideas; but I don’t dare say them in public.
    How about those Diamond Backs? Talk about, against all odds.

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