The Coronavirus Effect

The Coronavirus Effect (CVE) is in essence a negative energy effect. It’s impossible to quantify or prove, but bear with me. Because, after looking at all the CDC (Center for Disease Control) statistics regarding Death in America, combined with the current stats and particulars of COVID-19’s attack on our population – I’ve come up with this hypothesis:

The economic and emotional consequences of the outbreak will kill more people than the virus.

There are approximately 3,000,000 deaths per year in the US. Or, 8,000 per day. The leading causes are (in descending order) heart disease, cancer, accidents, lower respiratory, stroke, diabetes, overdose, and the flu. They are painful for those people involved (victims, friends, and family). And in some cases the health providers caring for them. But, life goes on and most people don’t pay any attention until it happens to them.

The grim truth

is that it will. Death happens to everyone, period. Within 120 years of birth – it’s going to come for you. Sometimes without warning (see Life and death matters); and sometimes slowly, accompanied by a lot of pain and suffering. The Denial of Death , or death anxiety, is real. It could beĀ the most universal motivation for human culture and behavior.

What’s going on

now is unprecedented. Much of the population of America is in panic mode. So the question is why. What’s going on? The economy, after booming for three years, is in a tailspin. We are in the process of going from the lowest unemployment in history to the highest. All “non-essential” businesses, travel, and social gatherings have been ordered shutdown. Because a small number of sick and old people might die? And a small number of others inconvenienced?

Panic and economic disruption kill more people than most other causes.
The CVE.

Negative energy

is real, too. It’s both a cause and effect of worry, anxiety, and or fear – real or imagined. Like other emotions it can’t be seen, only felt or surmised from behavior … just got a dm from my sweet step-daughter. The mayor of Denver is closing all liquor stores tonight! Gotta go.

6 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Effect

  1. You’re absolutely right about the impact of negative energy…it will impact far more people than the actual virus. What I hope is that we learn to build a more sustainable economy, one not built on extreme consumerism, which is also destroying our entire ecosystem. The liquor stores in Texas are considered essential, so they’re staying open. Thankfully!

    1. Hi Bill, I agree. There was such an uproar and lines – the heck with social distancing – that the mayor reversed his decision two hours later. I went again yesterday, to the store. It was busy but not crazy.
      Cheers. And be well. I enjoy your posts, even though I don’t always agree.

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