Reasonable Objective Therapy

has come to this – drinking and making a wish.

MAGA (1974) Solana Beach, CA.somethings never change.
Reasonable objective therapy

So it seems to me that the more things change – the more they stay the same.

I’ve written a lot about writing and thinking, drinking, and therapy in this space. However, as far as I can tell to no avail. The collective psychosis continues. If anything it’s getting worse.

The Psychiatric Tavern

is what my friend and professor called the corner bar. Back-in-the-day. However, The COVID-19 pandemic cancelled that remedy. What’s a person to do?

The Wishing Well and Whiskey

Well, why not? My father was an optimist (confident); and a leader of men. Moreover, he was successful in almost everything he endeavored to do.

When he retired (1974) from the USAF, he took up residence in Solana Beach, California. On the Beach. He became president of the town’s chamber of commerce. He loved people and good times: whiskey, women, cigars and fast cars. As many songs suggest.

So Here We Are

in the year(s) of crazy. Endless wars, booming stock markets, people dying not on the streets (some do) but in places of care. Fortunes being made for the ability to smile while lying. Same as it’s always been.

The Wishing Well

has probably been with us since the beginning. And so, too, intoxication. Both an escape from reality – a hostile, chaotic world.



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