Magpie Convention


Why do birds do this?
The birds convene to question

It’s spring, March 27th, 2022. I’m on my daily walk down Park Centre Drive and see my favorite birds behaving strangely. Though not really. They do this from time-to-time – congregate. Sometimes in a tree, other times in a field. Even on a road. This behavior has been called “Magpie funerals“.

I wonder why

because I recently closed The Magpie Cafe.

Are they talking about me? (I’ve recently upgraded to a 1st order narcissist from one of a 2nd order.) I’m serious. Why deny it? It’s not like at my age all of a sudden I’m going to be able to go back and change things? But that’s me. What about the birds?

Bird personality

is a question I’ve asked before. But, I’ve been observing these magpies here for five plus years. The bird (species) is weird, consistently. They mate for life! And, they move their homes (nests). In addition, a pair bond won’t always reproduce. Sometimes they don’t.

I can’t figure them out. Do they even know who┬áI am? The proprietor of The Magpie Cafe? Do they even care?

The Cafe

I’ve reopened. My strategy worked! The starlings have gone elsewhere.

Slowly, the magpies are coming back.

What does this say about me?


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