Border Wars

A border war is what is happening now between Ukraine and Russia. A war about boundaries. However that’s not all. It’s also a cultural war. And a war of personalities – like a marriage/divorce. In other words – this is complicated.

Ant War. Why?

is what I saw some fifty years ago (1979) on my property in the mountains of Colorado. It was crazy! I took a picture. What is going on? Why would different, black and red, ants engage in a death battle when there is plenty of space?

Ant war, but why?
Ant border wars?

Maybe it was about resources? The battle took place where I had my fire pit. Was it the ash from burnt wood that was so valuable, precious? How-a-bout racism? Red ants hate black ants? Because, well they steal from each other? Raid and pillage? Or was it about personalty? Jealousy? Status?

Can red and black ants interbreed? Was it a war between queen ants?

Human War

is common. Unlike ant war. I’m just curious. That’s my nature, my personality.

Robert Wright wrote a piece “War and Mindfulness”  wherein he questions the rationale of the West’s emotional response to the war. Which might lead to even more war. A wider war with even more death and destruction.

I’m wondering? I didn’t pick sides in the ant war. It wasn’t any of my business. It was awful, for sure. The ants were biting off heads and tearing bodies apart. The next day when I looked at the site there was no evidence of the war. All the ants were gone, the bodies removed. As if it never happened.

We do that, too. When it suits us.



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