The Last Dream

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The last dream I had was March 17, 2022. It was about a friend, an old friend, one of my best friends. In the dream, he was digging a swimming pool foundation with a backhoe. As it came to pass, that was the night after he died. I had called three days before and he hadn’t picked up.

The Next Day

I got a text from an unknown number (“potential spam” my service told me) that “Mark, ____ ___ died”. I was shocked. We had talked two weeks before. He (I’ll call him Joe,) had called me. Joe sounded fine – his usual self – in good spirits. He had a habit of chuckling at the end of declarations. That was one of many things I loved about him. His sense of humor, irony. (Not unlike myself.) His sense of the infinite jest of life. We had a lot in common.

However, Joe was angry. Because his “best friend” (that’s what he called her) had died New Year’s Eve. The medical professionals had been unable to save her. Joe was also sick. He had been dealing for months with various doctors, hospitals, and treatments. But his prognosis was improving. And then the end of the year came. Promising a new beginning.

Who Knows

what causes what? If you do? Please tell me. Notwithstanding, I know this: I loved him. His death hit me very hard. Even though it was not a complete surprise. I’m still processing the why of that – it’s impact on me.

I know this to be true. Joe was a fine man. He was an exceptional builder of homes (original and specific) for individual clients. Joe would take into account everything! Your wants, needs, and desires. The geography and orientation of the sun, moon, and stars. And make it all work.

Joe drew up the plans for my home. I helped him build his. We had crazy dreamsĀ  (“phantasies”), of living off the land in Maine. Rafting down the River of No Return in Idaho. Moreover, there were always friends, family, lovers, wives, children, and parties. (And whiskey and beer.) We had fun.

The Interpretation Of Dreams

was a book written by Sigmund Freud. I highly recommend it.

Do you dream?
Freud’s thoughts

Freud had theories as to the meaning of dreams. So have many others. Are dreams wishes? anxieties? compensations? premonitions? Who knows. If you know? Please tell me.

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