The biopsycosocial effect

Doctor? How much will it cost?
Humanity needs a session

The biopsychosocial model/effect is more important/relevant than ever … and yet is ignored.

In essence, the BPSE attempts to explain why humans (as individuals and collectively) behave the way we do. The model says that there is an interaction between one’s biology, psychology, and social environment that determines behavior. (Think Freud.)

I agree.

I am stymied

because I have no one I can talk to, or who will listen, or any audience what-so-ever. (Having terminated therapy before all this craziness.)

It’s not that hard

to remedy this situation (global pandemic.) What’s needed is an understanding of what-is-what, i.e. reality. However, humans depend upon illusion and delusion to sustain their (to include myself) existence. In other words – to survive.

Thus, there is a paradox. Due to the Paleo Deficit Disorder. And Terror Management.

Cruise ships are the perfect petri dish

a closed/isolated¬† eco system. Not unlike an island. (Think Darwin and E.O. Wilson.)¬† And yet the “experts” won’t question or examine why this person and not that, via the biopsychsocial model. Too controversial, provocative? Too much truth? Too much reality?

Home remedies

can be helpful. Be they new-age, traditional religious, whoo, tele-therapy, etc. and so on. And yet …

some things don’t change. We are creatures, alive on earth. And, want to feel good and reproduce, thrive. Not so unlike the virus – the parasite who needs the host.



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