Grocery shopping, etc. and so on

I attract strangers, in the wilderness. In the urban world I'm avoided.
Friendly stranger

Went grocery shopping today (Tuesday, March 31, 2020). Day twenty (20) of the COVID-19 panic in the USA. I was a little apprehensive, given the news coverage; and also, some folk I follow here on WordPress.

What I saw

and experienced today was pretty typical of my prior grocery shopping experiences. Thank goodness.

[Granted, I live in what I’ve referred to as the “apex of civilization”: North Westminster, Colorado. Or, upper-middle class, suburban America. But, before this current panic hit, I did stumble (literally) upon a homeless person sleeping under an underpass, on my daily stroll., which gave me pause.

(I no longer hike in the wilderness, where no one is homeless. By the way. Just saying …)]

The parking lot, and the store capacity, was at about 80% of typical.

The last time I’d been there was crazy! Which was the 17th, two weeks ago. It was frightening. Panic had set in.

It seems like “things” have calmed down. This time, there were no lines. And! I saw only two people wearing masks and gloves. For the most part, it was a typical grocery shopping experience. The shelves were (mostly) full. With the exception of dish soap? Which was on my list. Damnit! 

What I like about this

is that folks no longer think of me as anti-social.

Now, I’m thought as considerate, respectful, and compassionate. Because, understand, I’ve always practiced social distancing. I love, the six-foot, no talking, engaging rule!

Now, I’m normal. I finally belong! I’m accepted.

I smile and nod. Just like on wilderness trails’.

The exception

to my social distancing attitude was always in the wilderness, wild lands – the way “things” used to be. In that context I didn’t mind being approached.

In the wilderness people / strangers would often approach me. My assumption being that I looked like I knew what-was-what. Like I belonged there and they were just curious, friendly visitors. Pilgrims. And I was happy (more like John Wayne than Clint Eastwood) to oblige their curiosities:

  • Is this where we can see the animals?
  • Are there fish in there?
  • Is that Longs Peak?
  • Was that a bear?
  • What kind of nest is that?
  • Do you think it will rain?
  • How far is it to the lake?

[Sure, an ego boost.]

Now …

I’m eagerly awaiting the package from Japan – of my blow-up doll.






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