Relief day

The magpie birds that surround my home meet up.up to decide what is what.
Magpies gather together

Relief day, Wednesday 25 March, 2020. Even the Magpies know it!

It’s been exactly two weeks (Wednesday, 11 March, 2020) since doomsday. That was the day “When The World Stops”, according to Time magazine’s “Special Report: COVID-19” ( 11.2020). Errg.

My mood

has never been this high (8.5 on my mood scale), since I can’t remember when.

Why? you might ask, when the world (the planet?) is coming to an abrupt stop?

Because it’s not.


has got this. That’s why we (who is “we”?) elected him. Because he is almost magical, unbelievable, when it comes to managing disaster. (See page 300 of Election 2016.)

The Magpie

is a most illustrious bird. And, they are getting together in their unique Tree Branch meet-up, to talk about what happens next?

They are hopeful, carry on, and don’t really give a shit about us.

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