Life and death matters, part II

The Hill's "Rising" YouTube show is my favorite for political commentary.
Krystal Ball’s contempt

Life and death matters, part II will focus on the current and on going health crisis. Because what’s more important than your health. Right?


is my favorite source of news and current affairs. I especially enjoy Krystal Ball‘s take on matters of life and death – which is today’s current health crisis. If the news is believed. Which I’m skeptical of, now more than ever.

To hear Krystal and her sidekick, Saagar, talk of things is to believe the end times are coming. Because of the “establishment’s” failure to “feel the burn” and nominate Bernie Sanders to take on Trump and the rest of the sociopaths running the country and the world.

Heath care

is the most important issue. I agree. But, I disagree on who is responsible for it. To listen to Krystal, and Bernie, you’d think the lack of Medicare for all (M4A) has led to the current crisis, which is economic.

Universal health care, Medicare for all, single payer – call it what you will – would have “indeed” resulted in many, many hundreds’ of thousands’, more deaths than we have currently attributed to the virus. According to the CDC that number (in the US) is at 201, with 15,219 cases being diagnosed. That is .00013207 percent. That is not a catastrophic crisis. Most people are recovering, on their own, when sick. It, being sick, is unpleasant for sure. I don’t like it.

So, I take care of myself. [(see Living Solo, part II) That’s as good a place as any to start.]

Two things. First, if everyone would be tested, as Krystal, Saagar, Bernie, and others, are screaming for and about – that kill-rate percentage would be far less. Even more minuscule. Second, if a M4A system had been in place – the healthcare system would have been overwhelmed. Because, as we see with the toilet paper and paper towel supply, humans are irrational. The system, and the providers, would have collapsed under the strain and pressure of millions of people flooding hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices.


would have been worse than it already is; and deaths would skyrocket. You’ve seen what happens on “black Friday” with sale events – the stampedes and such. Can you imagine what it would have been like if people stampeded to health providers for tests? If the tests were free and available? What with the trusted news media telling everyone that death from this novel virus was imminent?

The media

should be ashamed of itself. Of course they aren’t. They blame Trump. As they cash their paychecks and feed the corporations they scold. And I’m including publishers within “the media” rubric.

I look at my Facebook feed and see my “friends”, most all who fall into the liberal category, hysterical over the administrations handling of “The Crisis”. The same with the online book site, Goodreads. And WordPress.

Everywhere I look I see panic, and people screaming for free money and free health care. If only Bernie had been elected president in 2016! The world would be a safe place and we’d all live forever. Death and pain and suffering would have been erased.

It’s insane

what’s happening. Trump did what he said he’d do: Killed the leading terrorists; is building a wall on the southern border; renegotiating trade agreements, bringing back American manufacturing, and lowering taxes. And by doing that helped inspire and create work and jobs and pride in America. And most importantly – self-esteem and consequently – better health! through work and pride in achievement.

And now

it’s all gone. Erased. Nice going media, liberals, and Democrats. You found your poison, your weapon, a novel virus, that you think will bring down Trump. Instead, you have reeked havoc on the world. This is what your hatred has done.

The 2020 election

will be here soon, in about seven months. This crisis will have passed and you can vote. Trump will win again, because that’s what he does. If this panic doesn’t destroy the world as we know it.

With all the time on your hands now (most of you), I recommend reading my last book, Election 2016, for a more accurate and true account of what happened and why. More true than whatever you’ve heard and read from “The Media”.

Be well

people. Hang in there. And take care of yourself!


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