Fall Frenzy: Update

It’s Thanksgiving week; and also the week I turn seventy-four. Wasn’t that a song? Oh wait, that song is When I’m 64 Sixty-Four. However it was released in 1967, so … . Anyway, I’m not losing my hair. In fact I’m still pretty spry. Furthermore, John Lennon is dead. Gunned down in front of his apartment in 1980, December 8. He was forty. The killer was jealous. All of which comes ’round to this post and Fall Frenzy: 2023.

It’s one month later and a lot has happened. Thus the update. Let’s get into it.

The Issues

First, all the leaves are gone. That’s another song, Hazy Shade of Winter (1968). A good one, too. So is Halloween, gone. It was pretty uneventful. Other than, rumor has it that a stumbling, falling-down Joe Biden was the most popular costume. Bad Joke Joe keeps getting worse as do most all events. Except for gas prices. Seems the fix is in on that. But food inflation is still out of control. The “average” hamburger, here in Colorado now costs $15. According to The Colorado Sun.

The Trump trials are a complete farce. His popularity keeps rising; but if you get your news from the usual sources, you’d think he’s headed for the hoosegow. Here’s what’s actually going on.

Trump in California

My book’s republishing

is ongoing. But not without major hurdles. I’m still working it. However, I’m not sure if it’s worth the time and money, the effort – if no one wants to read it. Regardless of how on point, accurate, entertaining, funny, and sad it is.

The Wars

are human disasters. There doesn’t seem to be a fair or just, a right, ending in sight. The failure of leaders to understand history or human nature is staggering. Then again, it should not come as a surprise because since when have we ever learned?

The Baseball Playoffs

were a huge disappointment. Who’s the World Series champion? Uh … The Texas Rangers? I think. Somehow, people have turned what is the most beautiful game into boring. How is that possible? I’m reading Games We Used To Play (1992) by Roger Kahn, and man. Ballplayers used to be real, authentic characters! Now, it seems they’re products. Brands. Moreover, the journalists who report about them are so shrill. They, too, are bought and paid for. Like politicians.


has exposed a lot about we humans in the fall of 2023. Turns out Coach Prime is a lousy coach. He’s really just a narcissistic father spewing bs. He hides behind Biblical doctrine. Which is shameful. Maybe Boulder, Colorado got what it deserved?

Coach Prime humbled


Coach Prime back to his old self

The Buffs are in last place and have played so poorly. By all accounts. Nevertheless, Deion Sanders shines on, back to his old self. Money in the bank and Jesus by his side.

On the other hand, the Denver Broncos, who started the season with one win and five losses, are now even at five and five. The reason? Good coaching. Sean Payton seems to know football x’s and o’s, and how to coach.

Coach Sean Payton

That leaves us with the Taylor Swift / Travis Kelce romance. They’re getting married! In May.

I think that dooms Kelce’s team, the Kansas City Chiefs, to defeat. Sure enough, when the Chiefs came to Denver, Payton’s Broncos beat them. Why? Taylor was in Argentina. Travis is in love. He’s got it bad. And if his girl puts her career above him? Trust me? Men don’t do well under those conditions. It’s upside down.

There is such a thing as human nature. Additionally, men and women have different natures. Recall Men Are From Mars, Women are from Venus? (1992)

It’s true! However, the thesis doesn’t fit the current narrative.


is like I said, my favorite holiday. I was born on Thanksgiving, 1949, seventy-four years ago. It’s been a good 74 years – full of romance and adventure.


When I’m Seventy-Four




Happy Thanksgiving. I am okay. Hope you and yours are too.

3 thoughts on “Fall Frenzy: Update

  1. Did you watch MNF last night? Great game. Unsurprisingly, the Chiefs lost. Because, it seems, Kelce is distracted. His mind is on his girl. He’s in love and She’s Not There! (A Kink’s song, from late 60’s.) Being the leader of the team, that’s bound to trickle down to the play of others.
    It’s near impossible to be excellent at two things at once. Or be in two places at once. If you know what I mean? How will it all play out? IDK, but it’s not going to be a cakewalk for the Chiefs. When’s Taylor’s tour over?

  2. Happy (belated) birthday, Mark. You’re looking good. I like the way you tied everything together- the personal, political and everything in between. I’ll have to take the Kelce/Swift effect into consideration before betting on the Super Bowl. Oh, and that Lennon song actually came on the radio while I was driving recently. “When I’m sixty-four…” Little did he know, eh?

  3. Thanks, Mike. That’s my style.
    Yes, Chiefs could still make it to the Super Bowl, because overall the competition is very mediocre. And if Taylor’s there, Chiefs could cover. If not? no chance.
    The song- Coincidence? Maybe; but I lean in the direction of no such thing. 🙂
    I had a GREAT birthday! and Thanksgiving, with all ‘my people’.
    Happy holidays, buddy. Stay warm.

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