Anger and the Road to Hell

is a chapter in my book Election 2016: The Great Divide, The Great Debate. I am now in the process of republishing it. Because it is especially relevant now, even more so than when I wrote it. Moreover, “things” have gotten worse. Why? is a great question. The book takes a shot at answering that.

New Cover

Election 2016 is a must read if you’re a voter in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

Attached is a link to a two hour conversation I had with readers nearly four years ago.

Our chat begins with a discussion about anger. That involves my old friend, Gerry. Subsequently, it expands into how we need to be able to talk with people we disagree with. Yet still remain friends. Additionally, to respect others “on the other side”. How anger need not take us down the road to hell.

This conversation took place January of 2019. Unfortunately, national discourse has not followed course. Moreover, our national debate has de-evolved to the brink of war.

My hope in publishing the book was that ‘The Great Divide’ could be bridged. Instead, it has only widened. Because anger is at an explosion vortex.

Me and my angry friend (2016)

The Cosmos Cafe

The conversation takes place in a virtual cafe–The Cosmos Cafe. One year before the horror of the COVID years. We talk about whether or not the earth is a hostile environment. The three other “men with beards” were not Trump supporters. However, they did read the book. We had a lively conversation about many things and laughed a lot. Notwithstanding some sadness and tears.

At one point (1:13:00) it’s acknowledged that a book isn’t worth reading, if at some time you don’t want to throw it across the room. Ha! Good point. Doug actually did – throw it across the room.

Toward the end Ed asks me, “Do we have hope?”

Mike remarks, “I’m glad I bought your book and read it. It’s thought provoking.”

The Last Chance Cafe

is my current hangout. Later today, Friday, I’ll enjoy a virtual Happy Hour with my old bff. He’s mentioned in Election 2016. Dennis, also, is not a Trump supporter. It’s possible, you know, to be friends with people you disagree with.

Paradoxically, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” However, sometimes, the truth will set you free. It’s up to you.


I think the Cosmos Cafe is gone. I’ve lost “touch” with my three bearded friends . Gerry, too.


What’s going to happen? I don’t know.  Anger seems to be at its zenith. The road to hell seems like a highway lit like a runway. This could be heaven or this could be hell. Is it? Up to us?

Who are you listening to? Which shows are you watching? What are you reading?

IN the Cosmos Cafe, 2019, we talk about anger and other things.
Four men with beards having a conversation



4 thoughts on “Anger and the Road to Hell

  1. On some devices the link to our conversation doesn’t work. However, if you go to YouTube and search Cosmos Co-op , you can find it there. You may have to scroll down aways. Indeed, the Cosmos Cafe is no longer active; but the video of our conversation is still there.
    If you can’t find it on YouTube, it is on my Goodreads page.

  2. The two hour conversation is worth watching. Many of the subjects provoked by the book, Election 2016, have not been resolved, and indeed have worsened.
    We’ve got to find a way to talk with each other. Otherwise, yeah, all hell will break out.

  3. It’s Sunday, October 8, and there was just a recent deadly attack by a grizzly bear in Banff NP, Canada. Two experienced back-county hikers and their dog were killed. I mention this because in our discussion in the Cosmos Cafe, my friends seem to take exception with my characterization of the planet as hostile and chaotic. It was and is that. Without deadly weapons (spears, bows and arrows, guns and the like) we humans don’t stand a chance. Maybe the bear attacks, maybe it doesn’t – it’s unpredictable, i.e. chaos.
    I can walk around without fear because we killed all the large predators. And, I can carry a gun.

  4. Furthermore, Hamas just launched an all out assault on Israel. Apparently, it’s all out war. War in Eastern Europe, war in the Middle East, approaching war on the US southern boarder. It’s what we do.
    Because we hurt, and get angry. And are mostly insecure.

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