Balling For Taylor Swift

Balling for Taylor Swift caught my attention. Because before she showed up at an NFL football game, I didn’t know much about her. Now I do. This is complex. There are permutations of complications.

Oh sure, I’d heard the name, Taylor Swift, but never one song. Of the 1,700+ songs on my playlists – there’s not one of hers. I don’t listen to the radio and Spotify’s algorithm never recommended her to me.

Moreover, my children are grown. If I’d bumped into her at a coffee shop, or bar, I wouldn’t know who she was. She would catch my eye, yes, but she’s not my “type”.

That says more about me I suppose. Turns out – she’s like Donald Trump and Deion Sanders. Swift is one of those people. The kind who dominate space. Just because they have “It” – that rare combination of extraordinary beauty, talent, and confidence. Pizzazz, they have . They are Prime.

Let’s get into it.

This Past Weekend.

It all came together. I watched and was entertained. First, I listened to Clay Travis on his podcast rail about Taylor Swift and her latest romance (?) with Kansas City Chief footballer Travis Kelce. Then I watched the game. And finally it all came together in the Infinite Jest.

I took some screen shots. (I love the Internet and “Big Tech”. Sometimes.)

Life and fandom

This was precious. In our need to worship we suffer. Because everybody is trying to win and yes, sometimes it is a Zero Sum game. Unless you’re willing to commit to accepting the suffering.

Jets quarterback, Wilson.

Zach Wilson, the much maligned quarterback of the Jets, almost won against all odds. However, his late fumble cost his team the game. In the end, Wilson had to wipe away his tears.


Travis Kelce lets out a primal scream

Travis Kelce has it all. For now. He’s had a Hall of Fame career as a tight-end in the National Football League. Won a championship. Has more money than he can possibly spend.  Furthermore, he’s now got the hottest girl on the planet cheering for him. Which, according to some, is what men want.

The Problem.

However, with that comes some problems. His quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, the best quarterback in the league, and Kelce’s close friend, has a wife, Brittany. Moreover, Brittany’s not happy. Seems Brittany used to get all the attention at Chief games’ and now – nobody cares about her. Girls get jealous, too.

What’s a man gonna do? Maybe you don’t throw the ball to your boy Travis as much. So his star fades, Taylor loses interest, dumps him, and goes away. Swift has shown a propensity to be fickle. Having some ten boyfriends in her young adult life. Now, Brittany’s happy again.

The Game.

Kelce had a pedestrian day as a pass catcher. No touchdowns and just six catches. Cause for celebration? Meh. Moreover, the Chiefs nearly lost the game. They looked discombobulated.

Taylor Swift cheering for her man

What’s going on?

Here’s the story, maybe? Maybe Taylor wants children. She’s thirty-three and regardless of her status – her biological clock is ticking. Sure, she could freeze her eggs. But could she do better than Travis Kelce? He, too, is thirty-three – tall, handsome, wealthy, and almost done with his career. Retired, Travis could be the perfect “baby-papa”. A stay-at-home dad whilst the “boss-girl” carries on.

It’s hard to question Travis’s genetic make-up. His brother’s also a star in the NFL. These are quality genes.

Clay Travis – a jealous man

Enter Clay Travis. Clay’s a sport and political commentator – wealthy in his own right. Married with children, three boys. Older. Before the game he went on a strange rant questioning why in the world would Taylor fall for a dude like Kelce? Clay said, “She can do better.” Really?

For twenty some minutes Clay Travis carried on about his genetic propensity to father boys. Furthermore, that Kelce wasn’t very good looking. (In fact, he’s Clooney-like handsome.) In addition, that the tight end’s career was on the downside.

I wonder what Clay’s wife thinks about all of this? Who’s she cheering for?

In Conclusion 

the only way to make sense of all of this is through an evolutionary, psychological perspective. In other words, Freudian.

There is so much unconscious S#$T going on here – it’s beautiful! Oh the irony, the Infinite Jest. Money, sex, power, status, jealousy, envy and entertainment.

In the end it comes down to:

  • Who decides (power) with regard to decisions effecting the football game?
  • What’s most important (valued) with regard to happiness?

There are many permutations of complications. (Nod to David Foster Wallace.)

Are you not entertained?

8 thoughts on “Balling For Taylor Swift

  1. Enjoyed your observations. Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour came through KC recently. Joe P. wrote a column on what an event it was for his daughter and him to attend. A Chiefs’ ticket is tough to get here in KC. Aside from barbecue, KU sports, and the Negro League Museum, not all that much going on, so Swift-Kelce was a pretty big deal here in Kansas.

  2. Some say the Eros Tour saved the economy. Swift is that big/important!
    Oh to be Travis Kelce . And yet …?
    That age-old dilemma- “God, football or Honey
     Sweet? Can’t I have both?
    I’ll be good, I promise.”

  3. Next Thursday, The Show comes to Denver. Broncos QB, Russell Wilson has his very own super model wife, Ciara. Maybe she inspires Wilson to beat the Chiefs. Because, well, that’s just the way it goes.
    The Taylor Swift effect. My oh my. Stay tuned.

  4. I definitely identified with all you said about Taylor Swift, not one song for me either.
    I honestly think it was just a way to kill time for her, haven never heard anything about her
    watching or being at a football game before.

  5. So here’s an update after Sunday, October 22. All is working well with The Chiefs & the Swifties – so far. Seems Brittany has became a member of the Swift Squad. Looks like they are now besties. Hanging out in the box together cheering on their heroes, together. Even with their own special, winning handshake /dance.
    However, make no mistake who the Queen is – Taylor. She’s the star.
    Additionally, turns out Erin Anderson, sideline NFL reporter for FOX Sports, DM’d Taylor about Travis- what a great guy he is. And lo. Erin just became a mom.
    This is getting really interesting. A new Camelot?

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