Election 2020: The Campaign Begins

I am a lonely visitor, I came too late to cause a stir, but I campaigned all my life toward that goal.    Neil Young, 1969. “Campaigner”

The 2020 campaign for POTUS began yesterday, at the summer solstice, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. President Donald J. Trump held an indoor, public rally, against the wishes and guidance of many. He was on his game.

Trump rallies MAGA to kick off the 2020 campaign
President Trump rallying in Tulsa.

Trump’s pitch

was pure, 100 percent, Trump. He defended himself and his record, and then “counterpunched”. He went hard at “Sleepy Joe” Biden, the Democrats, and the media. As well as those that want to “cancel” America. America’s history and its values.

President Trump first defended himself against the charges against him – that he is racist, incompetent, and physically and mentally diseased. I thought he was funny. Hardly a “malignant narcissist” as claimed by “experts” in mental health. (See Election 2016Specifically the chapter “Malpractice, Victimology, and the Greatest Problem. March 29, 2016”. pgs 97-100.)

Then he attacked.

The Experts –

as they often are  – are wrong. Haven’t you learned anything with this current pandemic crisis?

Trump, in essence, called them (Democrats, the media, and those whom blindly follow) stupid, weak, and liars – who can’t be trusted to do anything but look after their own self interest. Which will manifest in the destruction of America and its traditional (conservative) values of faith, family, and hard work.

Is that what you want?

Strange Days,

are here now more than ever. (Thanks technology, social media, malice, & human nature.) It just so happens that we’ll know who will win the election in two weeks. That’s right! The crowd of 6-12,000 (there are different versions of how many people were there) MAGA/Trump supporters who came out to rally in Tulsa were mostly maskless. That’s right. Look at the picture. (Or watch the video.)

In two weeks time, either there will be a spike in the disease – the sickness and death of the “China virus”, or there won’t? with the population who attended the rally.

But, how will you know? Who do you trust? The experts? The media? Really?

Biden’s Pitch

is from his basement. Will he accept Trump’s challenge to debate four times, on stage? Man against man? I doubt it. Biden’s pitch is tired, stupid, and delusional. Joe is a now a sorry, feeble old man. Fit only for the rocking chair on a veranda. He’s almost Southern Plantation-esque.

In Two Weeks

we’ll know whether or not the the experts lied. To cover their collective ass(es). With regard to the threat of the virus? However, who can you trust to give you an accurate account of what is actually happening? Or, in other words, “What the hell’s going on?”

You’re better off listening/watching Joe Rogan’s daily podcast …

My Experience

is that the experts hoodwink you in the service of their own self interest whilst denying that. There is an past psychoanalyst who wrote a book titled, For Your Own Good.

Neil Young’s song can be listened to here.

Mr. Young disappoints me. Because of his animus toward Trump. They are fundamentally of the same cloth. Neil has been hoodwinked.



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