Joe Biden’s Revenge

“Joe Biden’s revenge” is a phrase I lifted from Hunter Thompson’s 1985-88 collection of essays chronicled in the book Generation of Swine. It refers to Biden heading a committee to vet Judge Robert Bork for nomination to the US Supreme Court. Biden, at the time, had just been “disgraced” for “cribbing a few lines on some obscure exam in Syracuse [law school] 20 years ago,”; and, “ran like a rat” from his bid to become the Democrat’s nominee for president in 1988.

Thompson was put off by Biden’s lack of spine and toughness – his willingness to fold without a fight. Because Hunter had thought Joe was actually a “sharp young stud. He was a player, and we need those people in politics.”  (pg. 288-9).

Mr. Thompson, wherever you are, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. [Deacon Blue]

It’s 32 years past, and the young stud is now 77, still in politics and still a player. The player is making his third run for the prize of “the most powerful job in the world.”

More importantly, as a rapist? Because, maybe he believed you?

Hunter, you had power.

The Road To Hell,

I swear, is paved with good intentions.

Just this morning I watched the creator of the Showtime series, Billions, melt down on CNBC, with regard to the stock market’s rise, juxtaposed with the coronavirus effect, or 100,000 dead Americans.

It’s precious (not the dead, dying, and despaired), but live TV juxtaposed with Andrew Sorkin’s TV show! Which I’d just watched on Sunday night. S5E4, “Opportunity Zone”.

Andrew Sorkin (commentator, author, and TV creator) loses his shit on live TV
Life and Art boundaries’ blur.

That single episode captures so much of the human condition playing out right now, as well as 32 years ago. Most likely, since the beginning of modern man.

The “Asshole Whisperer”

is my favorite character. Wendy Rhodes (Maggie Siff) is a clinical Psychologist (akin to my, irl, “psych-girl”) who “coaches” all the main players to play at their highest level. Is she amoral? Like nature? Mother Nature?

The irony, “Perfect Storm“, or “chain of circumstance, is almost too much for me to bear. Because, maybe Scott Adams and Elon Musk are right? (We’re living in a simulation.) Or Teal Swan? (We die and are reborn.)

The 2020 Election

could be called – the election of perfect vision. But, I doubt that. I think what it will do is highlight the road to hell, paved with good intentions. Of course. Something my psych-girl and I found common ground in believing.

Therefore, Election 2020 may well be, at last, Joe Biden’s Revenge.


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