Karen and Dagny: Election 2020

Election 2020 will be decided by Facebook suburban empathy moms. who are you?
Karen or Dagny? No, Defiance.

Who are you? A Karen or Dagny? Election 2020 hinges on that? Or so Krystal Ball has said. I think she hit that fucking nail square on the head.


as defined by Krystal (Damn, the synchronicity/irony is mind blowing) is a “Facebook suburban empathy mom”. Formally Formerly known (in Election 2004) as a “soccer mom”. Of whom I’ve bumped up against my whole life. [See, Political Correctness: December 25, 2015. Election 2016. (page 55-61)]

Karen wants so badly to be seen as a good person (PC,  kind, social justice, etc. and so on), she will subvert her own desire(s) for that designation. And yet, she wants to think herself “badass”.

The internal conflicts are so great as to fuel the whole “therapeutic culture” that now dominates “higher” education and society at large.

Karen is a “meme”, or characterization, of a white woman of “privilege”, oblivious to her status/standing in society. She demands justice – for herself and her family, as well as (via PC culture) the less fortunate. She’s a joke.

But is it her fault?


is the heroine from Ayn Rand’s 1957 novel Atlas ShruggedDagny was legit badass. But – a fiction.


is a fictional woman in my mind.


is so thick David Foster Wallace hung himself.

Instead of that – I drink. (Shout out to my psych-girl.)

Girls, Girls, Girls

is a 1962 movie starring Elvis Presley.

The themes, or big ideas, in the movie are still so relevant (resonate) to what is happening today. My mind is blown! 

I just re-watched it this weekend.

When I was twelve (the formative years), fifty some years ago, was when I first watched it. The “heroes journey”, “white knight”, “damsel in distress”, “against all odds”, “love conquers all”; etc. and so on is all there. Plus moving music, the ocean, storms, bad guys (white men), the nobel savage, diversity, children.

And then … what happened to Elvis?

Election 2020

will be decided, says Krystal, by how the Karens vote.

Who are you? A Karen or Dagny? How do you know?

Defiance is a fiction in/of my mind.

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