Into The Wild: Open

Saturday, April 25, 2020. Colorado.
OPEN is a personality construct = electric!

It’s time to OPEN up. Sure, we’d be going into the wild, but it’s time. It’s been 44 days  (March 11) since the world (human) panicked and shut down. I’m not going to go into the time-line, nor the reasons why what happened happened.

Books will be written

and be mostly wrong. Because, “Everyone has an agenda. Except me.” [Michael Crichton, pg. 630. State of Fear (2004)] That is maybe my favorite author note/message ever, and it’s believable.

 The Impact

on me has been next to zero. If anything, it has been positive. I love the effect this panic has had on my world and the planet. Except for grocery shopping. Which I’ve never liked, but do because I have to.

Now it (grocery shopping) is much worse. And but so, I have to go tomorrow. Or the next day.

As is my wont, I thought about what the effects on me (and others) have been and wrote them down. For sure, some stories bring me to tears. Some peoples’ hardship, suffering, and loss is tragic.

And Yet,

thus it is as it has always been. There have been winners and losers since the beginning of time. Stories have always been crafted to explain why. And also, some people will take advantage of circumstance as others are victims. Some situations favor this individual and others that one.

Often, there is conflict – a struggle for power and influence.

Who Decides?

has always been paramount. Wars have been fought and millions of people have died because of that – the struggle for power and control. Or who decides.


Is this (pandemic) a war? Who decides? Who has the power?

Shout out to Jessica Mills

With the electric hair pictured above. 🙂 Yeah, take cover.




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