My Favorite Movies: Sixty-six years of theater going

began in 1956, Burtonwood, England, on an US Air Force Base. The movie theater was right across a large grass field from our quarters. I was six and a show cost a quarter (.25). Mostly, my older brother and I would watch movies starring Elvis Presley. He was my first hero.

So with this list, I’ll start there. However from there, in no particular order. This post was inspired by my good friend, Jersey Mike. Who, by the way, is half my age and recently shared with me his top twenty-five of all time. In order! I can’t do that.

The theater now resembles the home theater experience, except with servers and police
The latest in movie going adventure

The Experience

of ‘going to the movies’ has sure changed since the mid-fifties. As have many things. But what hasn’t changed is the elements of a good story. The experience of the hero’s journey. I love it! Because it usually has adventure, danger, and romance. Moreover, it resembles real life because sometimes the hero loses.

Without further ado, The List:

  1. Girls, Girls, Girls
  2. Pretty Woman
  3. Body Heat
  4. Wild
  5. Molly’s Game
  6. Sniper: Reloaded
  7. Top Gun
  8. A Few Good Men
  9. Legends of the Fall
  10. Proof of Life
  11. The Edge
  12. Gladiator
  13. A Fistful of Dollars
  14. Tombstone
  15. Rio Lobo
  16. Kodachrome
  17. On Golden Pond
  18. The Misfits
  19. A River Runs Through It
  20. Heat
  21. Sometimes A Great Notion
  22. Downhill Racer
  23. Casablanca
  24. The Color of Money
  25. Urban Cowboy
  26. Pulp Fiction
  27. The Legend of Tarzan
Tarzan, the most noble of killers
The ape man fights for respect, honor, and love


and heroes probably say something about a person’s preferences. Which in turn likely reveals aspects of one’s personality.

What do you think?

The Call of the Wild

is my calling, no doubt. Be it The Jungle, The Wild Blue Yonder, The Wild West, The Arena, The Casino, The Great Outdoors, or the War Zone.

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