Foke Woke

The struggle for power
The Queen decapitates the King

Foke Woke is a phrase I came up with in a dream state. Meaning the “woke” culture is fake, and made up of folks.  Indeed, misguided folks, like Krystal Ball, whom I called out in my previous post.

Maybe self love?

Krystal and I share the same birthday – the day of “Contentious Conviviality”. We were born, in The Grand Cycle of Life, during the period known as “The Cusp of Revolution”; and the week of “Hard-Driving Intensity”. (Shout out to Gary Goldschneider.)

We are almost twins. Except she is a woman and I a man; and am 32 years her senior. I could be her father. But, we share the same personality. As far as I can tell (I’ve never had a private, face-to-face conversation with her), we both exhibit the same characteristics.

Contentious Conviviality

is manifested by: extroversion, confidence, stability (non-neurotic), open mindedness, creativity, and entrepreneurism (= risk-taking impulsivity). In other words, we have a propensity for adventurism without a lot of worry.

The big difference

between Krystal and me is our gender and age. Which today, in the Woke Culture is huge.


we’ve both wrote books attempting to explain, “What the hell is going on?” Krystal’s book is: The Populist’s Guide to 2020: A New Right and New Left are RisingMy book is: Election 2016: The Great Divide, The Grate Debate. 

What the hell is going on?

How can you tell?

My suggestion is you read both books, and watch Krystal on Rising. In addition, check out this – my hosting a Cosmos Cafe on The Secret Language of Birthdays.

What else?

We are living in a time/space place that is totally unique.

Information comes at us with such speed that we are not equipped (via our biological evolution) to manage.

A part of the Foke Woke phenomenon is mis-information because of well-intentioned, but  nevertheless, the ill-education of the “elite” (= college population, to include both professors and students).

Hold on

this is going to get very interesting and entertaining. Not unlike a roller coster ride at an amusement park. Trust me?


Krystal Ball and yours truly, in their respective elements, expressing displeasure.

Same person, different time and space?




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