My Neighborhood: Update

I thought I’d update my previous post about my neighborhood because things have changed. Areas of change are: the Area; the people; and the crime. Let’s get into it.

The Area

is that which is changing the most. Specifically the open space behind me, and the property south east, where ballfields are being built.

The Ballfield

1,750 hours and counting

construction baffles me. It’s been ten weeks with heavy machinery working six days a week, eight hours a day. Call me crazy but, I think one farmer with a draft horse could have got the job done in half the time. Work began by digging up the layer of flora on the ten acre site. The land was flat with just one tree on it. Since then I have seen nothing but dirt moved around. The same dirt! Holes dug and filled in. Roads carved and then eliminated.

roads and holes

Mounds built up, and then flattened. Fences in place, then moved.

Awesome machinery working

It’s fun to watch. However, if I were paying I’d wonder: What in the hell is going on here? Is there a supervisor, or project manager I can talk to? I’ve seen the same dirt being removed – and then put back. I’ve seen you watering when it’s raining. Is there a plan? Any design of what it’s supposed to look like?

The Open Space 

was mowed. Some of it, anyway. Apparently randomly.

Mow left not right

The left side, west of the trail was cut, the right left alone. Which make perfect sense. Right?

Additionally, the homeless camp is gone. After five months! That also makes perfect sense. Nothing to see here.

[The link above is to an editorial in the Boulder Daily Camera about the homeless situation in Boulder, CO.]

I feel better, though. It’s with the camp, I felt intruded upon. It’s my open space, damnit. My backyard. And the authorities allowed some person to camp there. For five months it was okay? Or did the occupant move on of his own free will? Never mind.

No more camp

People and Animals.

People are back in the rehab facility. The lot is always full. Are they okay?

The animals are fine. Ducks on the pond. Magpies on the fence.

My Magpie friends
My Coyote friend

Coyotes hiding in the tall, lush grasses.

However, there was a spike in crime. Management informed us residents that there had been a number of break-ins, and theft, in the underground garage. That has since been resolved- the culprits apprehended by the police.

Also, no flags allowed. There had been Pride flags hung off balconies. Then Trump flags appeared. Even in my upscale, typically American community there are deep divisions. In addition, management reminded us this is a “non-smoking” facility, too include marijuana. Management asked us to rat out neighbors who violated that rule. I don’t, and won’t. Not for smoking weed. That might be all that’s keeping some folks sane.

I keep to myself. Psych-girl is the only person I’ve had a face-to-face chat with in months. In fact, since May. Nevertheless, I am not lonely.

How are you doing? Are you okay? How’s your neighborhood? Any changes?



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