Book Tropes In Real Life

Book tropes are many. As also is the trope in film. But how-about in real life?

This post was inspired by Sheri Dye’s post at Read Betwixt Words.

Of course I’ve twisted it because that’s who I am and have always been. I’m incapable of following directions or answering questions without adding something of my own.

In real life things are complicated. There are stories but not tropes.
Writer of tropes or real life?

Sheri listed twelve common tropes in fiction writing. I’ve taken them and applied them to real life. “In real life” is something I find far more fascinating than anything our minds can imagine. We play with it via books and movies and TV shows. Stand up comics make us laugh by couching “In real life” thoughts and behaviors as jokes. Okay, I get it. However, alcohol is usually required to make the joke “land”.

“Drunk reveals what sober conceals.” Is mostly true. I know this having been a bartender for some twenty years.“Rock One Bourbon

Notwithstanding – let’s get into this post: Book Tropes in real life.


Melania Knauss and Donald J. Trump. Melania became Donald’s third wife; but not until after several break-ups. The future president had a reputation and was two-timing Miss Knauss, a Slovenian-born super model.

Love Triangle

This trope was not uncommon in Trump’s romantic life. There was Ivana Zelnickova (DJT’s first wife) and Marla Maples, his second wife. There was the famous Pizza commercial; and also an encounter in Aspen. with the three of them.

After that, there was the Kara Young and Melania triangle.

Unreliable Narrator

has to go first to Maggie Haberman. Haberman grew up in the shadow of Trump Tower in Manhattan. As a child she took a school field trip to visit the eponymous building. (I’ve discussed this previously.)

Moreover, there is all the rest of the media and their stories.

Chosen One

is maybe’s Donald Trump’s real and true story? He’d been flirting with the presidency for around thirty years. Who knows? A story could be told that he was the chosen one – to save America. Even the world. And now, well, that’s a trope, too.


Trump was a joke? or a warrior?
The classic anti-hero

goes almost without saying – is Donald Trump. A reluctant savior characterized by many as the classic villain. A selfish, egotistical man who cares only about himself and his power and wealth. He can’t possibly be the one to save the world!


is a stretch. Notwithstanding I’m going to suggest that it goes Steve Korancki. Kornacki was/is a nerd, gay, political journalist who rose to fame and fortune during the POTUS campaign of 2016. The “rags” part doesn’t really fit because most all of those who became rich and famous during the campaign did not come from poverty. They came from the upper-middle class, and went to good schools and universities. The list is long.


is also long a long list: Katy Tur and  Kasie Hunt, to name just two. They were part of MSNBC’s “Road Warrior” team that covered the campaign and election. I’n sure there were many more. Tur tells her story in her book Unbelievable: my front-row seat to the craziest campaign in American history (2017).

Second-chance romance

Happens again and again in real life. Here, the story can be via, of course Donald Trump’s. But also Katy Tur’s. She was involved with TV celebrity Keith Olbermann … and then. Hope Hick’s? Corey Lewandowski? Almost endless, I’m sure.

Small Town

is one of the best trope’s of the election of 2016. Specifically you only have to look at Reno, Nevada, and Ottumwa, Iowa on January 12. I detail this in my book Election 2016.knew then that Trump would win. Who else saw this?

Found Family

resounds all throughout the election of 2016. Donald J. Trump became “daddy”. Daddy – that mythical god-like person who’s going to rescue us from the brink of oblivion.

Reverse Harem 

is that oddity wherein white suburban housewives voted for Trump. Maybe, they thought, this man can save us from this crazy world that that threatens me and my children?

Haunted House

is, of course, the White House. Can there be a house more haunted by its past occupants?

What do you think? Am I on to something? Is “in real life” more interesting than fiction? Tropes?

Or, is real life just too dangerous?


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