A Bridge Too Far

I nearly bought the farm at this bridge, several times.
A Bridge Too Far

A bridge too far is a movie, based on a book, based on a true, failed military operation during World War Two. We (the world) might be in a similar situation today. Regarding the war in Ukraine. However, I have a possible solution.

The Day Of The Bridge

is November Seventeenth. This comes from the book The Secret Language Of Birthdays (1994) by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers. Those born on this day, according to the authors’ research, excel at mediation, and are helpful and responsible.  But, they can be “overly moral, aloof, and controlling”. Hmm …

Born on this day was Bernard Law Montgomery. He was a British WWII warrior who triumphed over Rommel and accepted the German surrender that ended that conflict. We could sure use someone like him now.

The list of people born on that day is remarkable. That’s the essence of the book. Persons born on particular days have particular strengths (and weaknesses).

The Solution

to the current European conflict might be to find and enlist a person born on the 17th of November; and send them forth to mediate?

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