Personality can be fun. YouTube recommended this channel to me. It’s titled ‘dear Kristin‘ and I find it hilarious.

The creator (presumably Kristin) uses the MBTI personality test to create sketches which depict the different types in various situations. The situations are common to most people. Such as:

  • interacting on a rainy day
  • seeing a therapist
  • on a date
  • interacting in a cafe
  • on Valentine’s Day

However, the way in which the different types engage, or react, are markedly different. I’ve found Kristin’s sketches to be very accurate and thus funny. Much like stand up comedy. And, like a good comedian, her timing, movements, and facial expressions are spot on!

Who Am I

is a question (to some) of great importance. Who are you? is also important to most people. Such as:

  • partners
  • employers
  • friends
  • neighbors
  • co-workers


however, don’t all agree on the test’s validity. Which I find funny, too. Of course, everyone is an individual and has a unique story. Nevertheless … generalizations are generally true.

The seeing a therapist sketch? Oh so funny! and generally true. Don’t forget – therapists have personalities, too. Even if they’re not suppose to reveal them. So there is a match, or “goodness-of-fit” component to the relationship. The same goes for customer and server ‘in a cafe’.


who’s who with regard to relationships can help us all get along better. In my opinion, anyway. Moreover, I happen to not be shy about expressing it. At least according to the MBTI. Along with many other tendencies consistent with an ESTJ.


is who I am. I’ve taken the test, intermittently, for some thirty years, and that designation holds up. Which is not to say I haven’t, over the years, become more flexible. After all, what’s therapy for?

Here’s something I put together demonstrating me, and Kristin.




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