Derek Chauvin / George Floyd Murder Trial: Who wins?

is a fascinating question. I have a prediction. My prediction is based upon what I learned from reading Jerry Spence‘s

Spence was a huge influence on me - my thinking and my writing. An authentic American hero.
Win Your Case

book Win Your Case.

The Backstory

I first read the book when it was published and remember I really liked it. I became aware of Spence during the OJ Trial (1995); when he would often comment on cable news. His formula is one I followed in writing a fictional trial of George W. Bush in my first novel, Attachment. Now, watching the current Floyd murder trial, live on YouTube, I am reminded of the book. The defense attorneys are following Spence’s formula precisely. They’re very good.

The Lawyers

determine who wins, not the evidence. In general, criminal defense lawyers tend to be smarter, more skilled, than prosecutors. This case is very interesting because the defendant is law enforcement. Moreover the victim is a criminal.

The Victim and the Accused

In the OJ trial, the victims were ‘good people’ – innocents. The accused, though, was a celebrity and ‘hero’ to many. The evidence was overwhelming to convict. But, the defense attorneys won the case.

The Cultural Component

That trial, like this one, has a huge racial subtext. However, now there is social media and the stakes seem to be higher. In addition, no matter who wins? there is bound to be outrage.

My Prediction

Maybe, like before, ‘justice’ will be split – the victim family receiving huge financial settlements and the defendant set free?

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