Mental Health

Dr. Melfi speaks freely to her psychiatrist
From one doctor to another

Mental health, what is it? I define it here. Briefly, it’s only one element of your overall health. There are five other components. In short, mental health is how your brain functions. Or, how is your brain at problem solving?

Dr. Melfi (Tony Soprano’s psychiatrist) in the scene above, says out loud to her own, what many of us probably want to say to ours: You smug cocksucker. Fuck you.

Oh well, “It’s TV,” as my psych-girl has said to me. Most likely, Dr. Elliot Kupferberg  nailed her, and she reacted as many of us do.

Was it practicing good mental health? Good problem solving? In my opinion, yes. Because honesty is the best policy – when expressed in a safe environment. The doctor’s office is such a place. It’s even protected by law – doctor / patient privilege.

The Problem

is: Most people don’t have access to such safe places. Like most good, professional care – it’s expensive. And don’t be fooled – M4A (universal health care) – is not going to solve that problem.

One Problem

leads to another. As the cliche, rightly, states.

What can be done? Hmm … That’s complicated. Above my pay grade? However, I do try. But as my psych-girl says often, “Backfire, mister. Your approach has backfired.” And so I think: You smug cocksucker. Fuck you.

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  1. There is a terrific deficit of mental health in this country….and I love that you used a Sopranos reference to highlight it. Behind most of our “senseless” violence is a person who would not have perpetrated such violence if mental health assistance was available.

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