Fear, Anger, Riots, & Death

Go deeper. In other words – more reductionism, not less. Back to the beginning.

Fear is used first, helplessness next, that leads to anger and violent action.
Fear and Anger


“We” (humans) don’t learn because what we are taught (at the highest levels) is simple rhetorical bullshit. It’s a power play. “We” have not “evolved”. Not consciously, and especially, unconsciously – in some 40,000 years. Anger is still a secondary emotion. It evolved to solve problems as a last resort. Therefore, we are seeing what happened in the 60’s, happening again. Which happened back in the 1860’s. And before that – in the 1760’s. And so on back to the beginning.


The technology, our tools, change, but humans haven’t. We are still terrified of death. Except when we kill others who threaten us. Then it’s a good thing.

The cop who killed the man (George Floyd) might have thought he was using restraint. Back-in-the-day he could have just shot the man. Maybe he is a racist. Maybe he thought he could kill him that way and get away with it. We’ll never know, even if the policeman (Derek Chauvin) is convicted of murder.

My point is, everyone is at wits end and angry – because they’ve been told they’re powerless, up against this invisible killer (Covid-19); and to be very afraid. I don’t blame Dr. Fauci, or Donald J. Trump, or the jet-setters, or the Chinese, or the WHO.


I do blame the Media (to include social media). Deep inside (unconsciously), I think they (the Progressives and liberal media) thought finally, after all of their attempts to nullify¬†Election 2016 [Russigate, Impeachment (Ukrainegate) ect. and so on]; this global pandemic could take down Trump. If the economy tanked … .

So the media took the doomsday scenario, despite contrary evidence, and ran with it.
Right when America was “great again” (Trump’s slogan.) Because unemployment was the lowest in history, especially for black men and women, more people working than ever before, the Stock Market booming, and most people feeling good about the future. The media and the Left “thought”: Never let a good crisis go to waste.


is all that matters. Since yes, the beginning of time. The only way to “win” was to destroy Trump. And in that process, prove themselves right. The Orange Man is evil and incompetent. Look! See!

The weapon was the silent, invisible killer. Kill the economy (shut it down via fear), and you kill Trump.

People (some of the population) doing what they’ve always done. They will use anger as motivation (lies, fists, guns, arrows, murder/war/rape, riots) when they’re losing, to try and turn the tide and gain power. People will use emotional abuse (fear, obligation, and guilt) to manipulate and get what they want – power.

Powerlessness leads to anger and rage.


When their word lies didn’t work. The media and the Left used fear of oblivion (death), to get you to rise up, use force, and riot. There is nowhere to run to anymore (migrate to). Or hide. The world is full of people and the killer virus is everywhere. Riot. Kill the king.


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