Free Man In Colorado

Coyote adapting to the human COVID-19
Coyote on the edge of civilization
Coyote watching humans and, curious?
Seriously? We’ll see?

I am a free man in Colorado.

My wish is that you might also become free. Okay, not likely. So the question becomes: Who’s responsible for that? Which becomes a very deep inquiry. Worthy of super, high level, expensive psychotherapy. Which under the current social restrictions is impossible.

What can be done

when every interaction is virtual? And yet, anxiety increases as time does not stop, but increases hour upon hour because of lack of physical social interaction? Day-after-day the lack of social contact compounds. And yet …

Freaks like me

love this! Not the suffering, despair, and loss of those who who suffer. But that of the social distancing and isolation. This is my world!

My world 

is one of social distancing. Or boundaries.

My world has not changed, but gotten better. My world is one of distance and boundaries.

I’m loving this! I’m no longer seen as anti-social but normal. Keep your distance, and do not assume that I care about you … other than in a general sense.

As in: Take care of yourself and those you care about. Without doing harm to others.

Free Man

in Colorado is now how I feel. It seems like the world has conformed to my belief system. Which is liberating. Or validating. Most importantly – that is what what we want. Yes?



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