I see only what I want to see

A suggestion from the photo booth of Apple's software loaded onto MacBook
Self portrait

Is lyrics to a song suggested to me via Spotify. Because I watched another ‘suggestion’ via YouTube. That was Jewel’s live performance at Woodstock 99 of her first hit Who Will Save Your Soul.

Situational depression

is a state of mind I find myself in from time to time. And I was experiencing one at my last session with my psych-girl. I disclosed how Jewel’s song and performance lifted me out of that depressed state. She said, “That’s good. Shows that you’re manipulating your environment.” [Which in psych-speak is a good thing.]

Jewel’s message

is: “Who will save your soul if you don’t save your own.” Which is basically the same as psych-girl’s. The irony is so thick it drives me to drink. Because I have never met Jewel, and have to wait two weeks to talk with psych-girl again. And by then – things will have changed. But not really.

Kitty wants milk

goes, Meow, meow. Is lyric in Jewel’s live performance. After making some kind of performative thing with a guitar. Or, in psych-speak, Jewel meets the guitar where the guitar is at. Yet, of course, the guitar is just a tool of the guitarist.

I said to psych-girl, “You could’ve wrote that.” [Was that a hint of a smile?]

The Playlist

all of this prompted can be found on Spotify. It’s about how we delude ourselves (in love) to see what we only want to see. Of course this goes to other areas as well.

We are hard-wired to “See only what we want to see.” With regard to our own well-being.

Feel free to suggest a song in the comments.


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