The Indie Bookstore. Part IV

Bookstore Adventure

is what an Independent Bookstore really is. Now, I’m not talking about those huge, famous ones like The Tattered Cover in Denver, Powell’s in Portland, or Politics and Prose in DC. Because they are almost like the corporate Barnes and Noble. But even those pale in comparison to what Amazon can offer.

Recall that Amazon began as just an online bookstore. And some people prefer Amazon. Here is one person’s argument. As my mother used to say, “Suit yourself.”

A Love of Books

goes way back in my family. My grandfather was a collector and had over 15,000 when he died.

Is the 'bookworm' trait genetic?
The love of books runs in the family

My father would read to me when I was child. As soon as I was able to sit up on his lap he would read, not children’s books, but tales of Greek Mythology. He volunteered at The Book Cellar, a branch of the Rancho Santa Fe Library, for over twenty years. Because of his love of books and the people who read them. We call those people, “bookies”.

Dad also invested in STORIES. Which allowed him to call himself “Vice President”. Of all my accomplishments, he was probably most proud of the bookstore. However short-lived it was.

The Tragedy

that is the current crisis and decline of social life in America, I speak of in Election 2016  the chapter titled “The Independent Bookstore and the Decline of Society”. Furthermore is a chapter titled “Community”, that discusses the issue of society’s breakdown.

However this tragedy unfolding in America ends, if it ever does, I know that I did my best. I made an effort to effect change in a pro-socially conscious way. Notwithstanding all the roadblocks, barriers, and setbacks – I kept at it. When one door closed I found another one. And yes, some doors required force – force of will, determination, and confidence.


or over confidence, may have contributed to my failings, but it also allowed me to carry on. So I’ve no regrets. If I’d have invested in Amazon instead of myself and community? I’d be rich beyond imagination. But there would not have been the adventure. Into the wild! (Which is also a chapter in the book.)

Perhaps confidence and adventure go hand-in-hand. Maybe they’re genetic traits, like a love of books?

The card represents my ambition. My father also had one printed, which demonstrated his pride..
An audacious endeavor

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