The Indie Bookstore. Part II

We left off with a question: What went wrong?

I’m almost embarrassed. Because looking back – how could I have been so stupid?

That answer is embedded within years of therapy.

I believed the hype - that an independent bookstore could changed the community and the world.
Community hoopla


I was, if you read the article, “full of myself”. I was over confident and under funded. Which my psych girl has observed and suggested to me twenty-some years past STORIES, is still cause for my undoing.


is an ego defense mechanism. I thought then (2001) that all was needed to “fix” things was information. Which I would provide via my bookstore. In other words, the bookstore was about me.

And so I built a bookstore that was all about me and my ideas.

The “community” was complicated (and probably still is). Some “liked”, even loved STORIES. However, many didn’t even know, or care, about books, bookstores, community or camaraderie.

I projected my values on everyone else. I thought – if only they knew what I know …

My arrogance

is evidenced by my intransigence.

Who is to say what is "serious"?

Despite thousands of dollars spent on psychoanalysis – I still believe I am, and was right.

The Independant

thinker/bookseller is under assault.

Now more than ever.

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